Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tim Eichenberg Running for State Treasurer

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A group of  local Democrats gathered at the Sunset Run Restaurant to meet and dine with Tim Eichenberg who is running for the office of State Treasurer of New Mexico. The food was quite good as always and Tim made some interesting observations about the job of treasurer, gave some personal information about his having been out of politics for a while due to his mother's illness and talked about the differences between treasurer and auditor. He is a former state senator and I believe he has the utmost integrity and will do an amazing job as our state treasurer.

I happened to be sitting right next to where he sat down to talk to everyone on our end of the table. When he walked in I spied a beautiful roadrunner pin in his lapel. When he sat down, I said, "Tim, I notice you have a roadrunner pin in your lapel and I am Queen Ladybird of the Red Hat Society New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter here in Alamogordo."

He replied, "My jacket is over on another chair at this time, but before I leave I will give you that roadrunner pin." AND, I'm thrilled to say he did just that.

Tim Eichenberg chatting with Barbara McDonald
Tim Eichenberg, candidate for state treasurer
Tim, speaking with Nadia Sikes, Chair of Democratic Party of Otero County (DPOC)
Tim, talking to the group

Random shots of the group
Carla talking with Tim about his roadrunner lapel pin
Mike and Tim discussing strategy
Clif McDonald talking with Tim
It was a lovely evening. I feel sure I will vote for Tim. He has the aura of a good person.

Thanks to Doug for the photos.

This is all I have to say.

RHS Meet and Greet in Alamogordo, NM

July 13, 2013

The day for our Meet and Greet finally arrived. We were hopeful of a good turnout because we advertised our event in the community calendar in the Alamogordo Daily News and Carla was interviewed on KRSY regarding the event as well as information about the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter by Nadia Sikes.

Doug came with Carla to take photos of the event and upon arrival at the White Sands Mall, Carla got busy setting up the tables and decorating. The tables are covered in tablecloths she made. On one end is a tiered stand containing cupcakes frosted in red and purple with the number "15" on a toothpick stuck in each cupcake continuing the 15th birthday celebration of the Red Hat Society. On the other end is a mirror with various hats around it so women can try on and experience the "magic of the hat". There are also feather boas, beads, balloons and gloves scattered about to complete the decorating.

It was a lovely gathering and we signed up seven new members. It was a truly fun event and several of the girls enjoyed dining in the Mall as time permitted. It is going to be grand getting fully acquainted with all of our new members. Each new member received a Kazoo and a Red Hat button. We all played Happy Birthday to Penny on our Kazoos.

Birthday girl Penny Pirrung and chapter Vice Queen

Carla aka Queen Ladybird setting up for the event
Penny, Carla and Margie
All set to Meet and Greet the public
Carla welcoming new member Gloria Vaughn. She came wearing the colors ready for action!
We have one rule, "Red on the head and purple on the shoulders" unless your are under age 50.
Carla explaining about the Red Hat Society to incoming member Donna Clark
Celebrating Red Hat Society's 15th birthday

Continual Meeting and Greeting
L to R: Dorothy Smith receiving the Flying Purple People Eater Award for outstanding service, Carla and Lu
Carla telling Joann Padilla all about the Red Hat Society. She joined.
L to R: Penny, Darla, Margie, Dorothy, Lu and Carla
The information exchange with Ann Smith
Ann Smith signing up
Another very interested lady. She took all the information and will sign up on line.
 Cyprina Madrid is our newest member!
One lady did not make it to the Meet and Greet, but I saw her later in the evening and she signed up so it was a great success.

Thanks to Doug for the great photos.

This is all I have to say for now.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Odds and Ends

Friday, July 5, 2013

Just a report to keep you up-do-date on the ongoing happenings at the Kerr household. Doug decided to fulfill my request for updating the fireplace screen. It was a worn brass color and I decided it needed some pizzazz added to it. Doug went through all the process of scrubbing it with Comet. Then used steel wool to get the pitted areas smoothed out. Once it was rinsed and dried, he spray painted it a bright orange.

This is the before photo
This truly brings out the color of the brick and brightens the room
Thanks Doug, for a fabulous job. I'm a happy woman, grateful for your intense labor in achieving this great result.

An update on books I've read since I last reported: Actually, I'll start with one I'm currently reading that I highly recommend although I'm only half way through the book. It is "The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America" written by Douglas Brinkley. Mr. Brinkley gives one a wonderful insight into the workings of TR's thought process, his feelings and emotions and his absolute love for this great country of ours. I'm calling him "TR" because he hated to be called "Teddy" and although he is deceased, I must respect this great man's wishes. There are many monuments, forests, animal sanctuaries including the bird population that we would not have that would have led to the extinction of many creatures,  were it not for TR's deep love of the of the great outdoors and the critters that populate it. Be aware, it is a thick book so be prepared to settle in for the long haul. You won't be sorry.

Just finished reading "My Beloved World" by Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice from Brooklyn. When you read this book, you can't help but fall in love with this woman. She is well grounded in her thought process and possesses unsurpassed empathy with fellow humans and the human condition as it relates to our current lifetimes. I am convinced that she and I could become good friends should the occasion arise for us to meet.  She comes from people filled with love and sorrow, laughter and happiness, broken and then healed relationships all happening as one could imagine within the confines of family. She was born with unusually high intelligence and childhood diabetes. It was this combination that caused her to grow up more quickly than other children because her survival depended on her taking charge of this disease. I predict that you will grow to like Sonia Sotomayor when you read this book. I highly recommend it to you.

A really fun book to read is "Nora 102 1/2: A Lesson on Aging Well" by June Shaw. This book is written by Nora's daughter June and is about a family with longevity in their genes. Nora was caregiver to her mother, Marie, until she passed at age 99. When Nora turned 100, she began counting the halves saying it was important to recognize age in this manner. Nora got a new lease on life after Marie died, started walking everywhere, joined Weight Watchers, took line dancing lessons, etc. I believe her secret to such a long life was due to her ability to keep moving and her recognition of the necessity of this motion to keep her alive and vivacious. She used her age wherever necessary to sometimes do outrageous things that will make you laugh out loud. We can all receive life lessons from this outstanding woman. You will be glad you read this book.

There are probably 15 or more books that I have read lately, but these are my top choices, well written and about real people, entertaining and educational as well.

Thanks to Doug for the photos of the fire place screen.

This is all I have to say for now.

July 4, 2013 in Alamogordo, New Mexico

July 4, 2013

The day started out at 8:00 a.m. when volunteers from the Cancer Resource Center and members of Relay for Life Sassy Survivors Team gathered to build a float in Linda Laws' driveway here in Alamogordo, New Mexico. A truck pulling a flatbed trailer was generously donated for the occasion by Mike and Jennifer.

The pictures taken by Doug Kerr will explain the whole process as well as those he took at the parade itself.
Dr. Laws and wife, Linda overseeing the operation
The group building the birthday cake guided by Mike
Installation of the birthday candles. L to R: Jennifer, Alex, Mike and Carla
Icing the cake
Carla opening step stool so Jennifer can climb down from the trailer
Andrew inside the cake
Cancer Resource Center banner
The crew attaching other banners advertising Relay for Life supporters. L to R: Linda, Sue, Carla and Mike
Dr. Laws giving his medical once over of the cake

Mike creating a stand for our American flag
Sue and Mike hooking up float to truck
In the parade line-up patiently waiting for it to begin
Parade formation on-going
Michael helping his son, Andrew, into the cake
Young woman with her mythical looking Gypsy Vanner horse
Andrew adding to the festivity with his bubble wand
Still patiently waiting for the parade start R to L: Nicole, Carla, Linda and Jennifer
Mike, telling other drivers that the birthday cake is celebrating 100 years of American Cancer Society Research
And we're off
Miss Teen Alamogordo and Miss Teen Otero County
Miss New Mexico and Miss Alamogordo
Even a little white pony had his own float
Jeep drill during parade
The drill completed with each having a wheel atop the next jeeps wheel
Miss New Mexico (Look out Miss America contestants. Not only is she beautiful, but has the brains and talent to match.) from Alamogordo and Miss Alamogordo
Carla, CRC Volunteer and Sassy Survivor Relay for Life team member
Watching the parade

More parade watchers
Andrew wanding everyone with bubbles
Delton Baker made a cool place to watch the parade in his truck bed

Carla passing out Cancer Resource Center brochures
More parade attendees-everyone looks so patriotic in their red, white and blue
Announcing each parade entry as they pass the judges stand
The Judges' Stand
We did it and it was a hot day, but we are so proud of our birthday cake!
Thanks to everyone who participated from the Cancer Resource Center. We had such a fun time making this happen with Linda Laws' imagination and the mechanical abilities of Mike and the Baker family.

Thanks to Doug for photos of the whole process.

This is all I have to say for now.