Sunday, December 27, 2015

Some Holiday Events Around Alamogordo, New Mexico Part III

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Michael Bryson Hillis Mowery hosted a fabulous Christmas party at his home in Alamogordo, New Mexico for numerous guests. The comments began the moment party goers spotted the front window with the upside down tree of many colors. It was purple when I first saw it and I wanted it to stay that way, but, alas, the light changed and it became red, then blue, then yellow! It truly was like walking into a Christmas Wonderland.

I counted no less than 76 Christmas trees of one description or another in his home. One wonderfully pink, frilly tree was decorated with no less than seven 500' rolls of curling ribbon. Just beautiful. The aquarium became a snowmanquarium (my made up word) because their were many snowmen in it along with more Christmas trees and lights. There were Christmas trees of every color and theme one could think of, all created by Michael. He must have started decorating in October to accomplish this magical scene for a party.

I mustn't forget his laden dining table of delicious food, so many different treats that I never got around to all of them. There were various delectable cheeses, crackers, superb dips, a Brie fresh out of the oven, unbelievable melt-in-your-mouth cookies, candies, ham roll-ups, fresh fruit and vegetables, sliced meats and I know there is more, but my memory fails me. Of course, various beverages were available to be enjoyed.

This is the tree decorated with curling ribbon

The upside down tree changing colors, a pink floral one and a traditional green tree
The Snowmanquarium
Michael's brother, just plain Mo
Some of the guests in the kitchen
The host, Michael Bryson Hillis Mowery
More guests in awe of the decorations
Mo's wife, Kelly
Michael's step-mom and his father
L to R: Michael, his niece, Mo, and Monica Helm
Monica who just finished the play "The Fox on the Fairway" with Michael as her co-star
It was a lovely holiday party and I don't believe I've ever been to one more decorated than this. Michael is a wonderful host and a really fun person. Thanks for doing this Michael. I'm already looking forward to next year to see what you create for the season.

Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photography for taking all the great pictures. Hope you remember to take at least one of me next time! lol

This is all I have to say for now.

Some Holiday Events Around Alamogordo New Mexico Part II

December 17, 2015

Several members of the Cope Board of Directors and Cope employees greeted concert goers at the Flickinger Theater for the Performing Arts for the Flickinger Fundraiser Concert for COPE on Thursday evening, December 17, 2015. Entrance fee was by donation only and over $1100.00 was raised for COPE here in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

COPE is the Center of Protective Environment which deals with the problem of domestic violence and maintains an emergency shelter for these abused people. They also provide Crisis Intervention, Legal and Medical Advocacy, Counseling and Support Groups, Children's Programs, Community Education - Informal and Referral, Emergency clothing and Household Items.

COPE maintains a 24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 575-437-273 Alamogordo and 866-350-2673 in Ruidoso.

They are always in need of volunteers and to find out more, call 575-434-3622 in Alamogordo.

The concert was lovely and fun. Titled "A New Mexico Musical Christmas", it included The House Band directed by Ron Keller, Holiday Trio made up of Lynnette Wedig, Rob Hicks and Donnie Burk, Alamogordo Show Choir directed by Carol Widener and Slippery Jack Holiday Blues and Rock.

Concert beginning with Alamogordo scenes and COPE info on screen in background

Lynnette Wedig playing masterfully at the keyboard
Do not know the young man on drums, but he was quite good
One of the many singers
L to R: I believe this is Lynnette, Rob and Donnie
An excellent duo
This gentleman has a beautiful voice
The girl on the left is with Slippery Jack
Choir Director Carol Widener
The Alamogordo High School Show Choir
They were singing this song to each other but why so far apart?
A good effort by these two young ladies
This young lady has a lovely voice
Another pair singing to each other far apart
The young lady is Katie and she has a big voice
Katie, singing "Amazing Grace" dedicated to her mother
The whole ensemble choir finishing their part of the program
Ron Keller saying a few words before Slippery Jack comes on
The Slippery Jack group
Slippery Jack, the man
Slippery Jack songstress singing the closing song
The concert was great and gave opportunities for Alamogordo students to display their talents. We are most grateful to the Flickinger for hosting this charitable event for COPE as they have for several years now. This is a prime example of the community working together for a good cause.

Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photographer for the lovely photos.

This is all I have to say for now.

Some Holiday Events Around Alamogordo New Mexico Part I

December 16, 2015

Cancer Resource Center (CRC) of Alamogordo volunteers got together with family members at Pepper's Restaurant for dinner and games to celebrate the Christmas season. Sue Baker, the CRC chair, presented a Christmas trivia game which turned out to be difficult for many, but the younger set seemed to know most of the answers. It was a lot of fun anyway revealing some of the amazing answers to the questions.

After dining and conversation, Sue presented the results for this past year at the CRC and they were quite impressive. The primary purpose of the CRC is to provide solace and comfort to cancer patients and survivors as well as information. They provide (free of charge) bras, breast forms, hats, scarves, wigs, blankets, literature and one on one counseling with a volunteer who has had the same type of cancer.  They also provide the American Cancer Society's "Look Good, Feel Better" program given by licensed cosmetologists to patients who are undergoing Chemo treatments or have been because Chemo Therapy causes many changes to the skin.

One volunteer, in particular, Jerry Peschka, stood out as giving more hours this past year (299 to be exact) than any other volunteer. He can be found just about every week at the Chemo Infusion Center at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center Hospital (GCRMC) giving out free blankets and pillows to patients, as well as visiting with them to brighten their day. The GCRMC Hospital sponsors the CRC along with the American Cancer Society which makes it possible for all of the items to be given free of charge. We are also very grateful for the local sewing clubs and individuals who make and donate the pillow and blankets for us to give away.

After dinner everyone had a great time playing "Chinese Auction" with wrapped Christmas gifts provided by the volunteers and their families. You will see by the pictures that a grand time was had by all.

Lexi, a proud ROTC member at Alamogordo High School

Sue Baker, Fearless leader of the CRC

Delton and Sue Baker. Delton is also a volunteer at CRC

Lexi and Joseph make a cute couple
Volunteers Darnell and Becky enjoying the festivities
Volunteer Carla ready for fun
Sue explaining the game rules
Delton was first up choosing his Chinese Auction gift
Joy Kosinski, very happy with her gift
Volunteer Betty Hoppes trying to figure out what it is

Volunteer Jennifer Spencer with some bath products
Sue unwrapped a lovely little fountain in the Southwest motiff
Looks like Daniel got some lovely Christmas kitchen items
Lexi with some neat Tabasco tea towels and red gloves
Carla chose for hubby, Doug, and got a talking parrot
Jerry with his choice. What was in that box, Jerry?
Joseph unwrapped a new picture frame
Danell also got a picture frame
Not sure what Larry got, but it looks technical. Larry is a tireless volunteer especially for our annual garage sale
Carla got a lovely pendant necklace which she got to keep
I was so busy watching this little critter dance around that I forgot to note who won it
Becky is stealing Betty's gift
Betty got to choose another gift but not sure what it is
Volunteer, Terrie Sena with her gift
Lexi received the "booby prize" and seems quite happy with it
Joy makes a presentation to Sue and Delton. This was donated to by all the volunteers.
A close up of Doug's parrot. It sings, talks, mimics voices and dances
It was such a fun party and Sue really worked hard on it as she always does on everything she attempts to do. There was also a short word game led by Joy Kosinski and Doug won the prize which was an adorable stuffed Christmas fairy. Can't wait to see everyone again at the next party. Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photographer for all the great pictures.

This is all I have to say for now.