Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Red Hatters Lunch At Rocket City

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Members of the New Mexico Road Runner Chapter of the Red Hat Society located in Alamogordo, New Mexico went to the new family fun center called Rocket City for lunch, table games and to play Laser Tag. Our excellent hostess for this event was Vice Queen Alice Evans.

The food at Rocket City is excellent and after enjoying a delicious lunch, Queen Ladybird aka Carla Kerr provided Easter eggs stuffed with chocolate candies for dessert. We played the dice game, Left, Right, Center, which we played last time we were together, but it happens to be a favorite with everyone. Carmen Veenpere won all the quarters because she was the only one having a quarter left when the game was over.

Most of us decided to play Laser Tag, mostly because none of us had played it before and we thought it would be a new FUN experience. We made quite a commotion when we walked over to sign up for Laser Tag and, in fact, their official photographer took a group picture of us.

Each of us put on an interesting "vest" to which our laser gun was attached. One girl told us the rules such as, "Do not shoot a person in the eyes" and some other rules which got away from me. There was also a family going in the same time we were (a man, his wife and their son and daughter). So off we went into the darkness. I don't know about the others, but if I saw something move, I shot at it. The layout is somewhat like a maze and I kept running into the man of the family. One time he said, "Oh, no. Not you again."

We will definitely put this under our #POWEROFFUN because we had a blast. They also have a fabulous bowling alley, but lifting that bowling ball might have been difficult for most of us.

Carmen Veenpere and Trudy Reese
Margie Purcella and Vice Queen Alice Evans
Royal Scribble Gail Swineford and Rosanna Heath
Nancy Brooks
Carla Kerr
There were some interesting characters roaming around Rocket City that day and Rosanna made friends with them.
Of course, Queen Ladybird had to join in.
Here we have Alice, Carmen and Rosanna with the group
Carmen with her winnings from the dice game
Unfortunately I did not shoot  pictures of the Laser Tag because no cameras allowed, but their photographer took shots of us before we went in to play so I will post it or them as soon as received.  It was indeed a FUN day for all of us.

Thanks to Douglas Kerr for processing the pictures.

This is all I have to say for now.