Monday, December 17, 2012

Visit with Artist Amado Peña in Ruidoso, NM

Sunday, December 16, 2012 Doug and I drove to Ruidoso, New Mexico to visit an exhibition of Amado Peña's art at Mountain Annie's Art Gallery. We had been trying to get there for three days, but due to cold weather, snow and ice, we decided to go on Sunday even though the weather was still iffy.

We ran into some falling snow pellets a couple of times in the mountains, but the road was warm enough to melt them as they hit. We actually made good time on the road and arrived in Ruidoso in about an hour. As we entered the venue, we encountered a beautiful lady who immediately introduced herself as J.B. Peña. We originally met Amado in Dallas some years ago at the Annette Strauss Artists Square downtown where an Indian Market was being held. J.B. escorted us into the show area where we reacquainted ourselves with Amado. As we talked, he continued working on a new piece using India Ink. He did stop long enough for pictures to be taken.

J.B. is an artist in fabulous fabric weaving and has a studio in Santa Fe called "Handwoven Originals". She is also a creator of lovely jewelry. If you are ever in Santa Fe, you should make a point of visiting her studio in the Inn and Spa at Loretto, 211 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501, phone 505-982-4118 and web site is  J.B. and Amado live at Nambé Pueblo, New Mexico.

Between the two of them, the exhibition was absolutely a feast for the eyes evoking many emotions. They are each delightful people and as individual from one another as any couple could possibly be. The pride they have in each others talent is very evident and they are a joy to visit with. They also take pride in other artists work and directed us to another room housing many works of Madeleine Sabo, a wood artist.

Madeleine Sabo is legally blind having been struck by a devastating disease some years ago. She creates by touch and demonstrated this on a small lathe she had set up in the room. We bought two of her pieces, one of which was created from an Australian pine cone. Madeleine lives in Nogal, New Mexico.

Here is yours truly entering Mountain Annie's
Carla and J.B. Peña just meeting
Amado Peña, as he said, "Playing at working"
Carla inspecting a scarf titled "White Sands" woven by J.B. Peña
Just one area of Amado's selected works and some clay jewelry by J.B. on the table
Doug got Amado to stop long enough for a great shot
Doug, the photographer and Amado, the artist. What a happy pair!
 Thanks to J.B. for the photo of the three of us
Madeleine Sabo explaining to me how she made this exquisite wooden vase
Doug bought the vase for me. It is adorned with embedded pink coral.
Doug  (the engineer) naturally had to photograph Madeleine's lathe
Needless to say, we left the exhibition with a number of lovely purchases for Christmas gifts and the joy of reconnecting with Amado as well as meeting J.B. and Madeleine. When we went to our car, it was snowing and our plans to dine at Michelena's Pizza and Italian Restaurant were shelved. We wanted to get out of the mountains before snow started to freeze on the highway. On our way home we stopped at another favorite place for dinner, Casa de Sueños in Tularosa and had delicious Mexican food. A lovely way to end our Sunday adventure.

Thanks to Doug for the great photos.

This is all I have to say for now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NM Roadrunner Chapter Shopping and Luncheon

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of Red Hat Society gathered on New York Avenue for two hours of shopping before going to the other end of the avenue for lunch at Memories Restaurant.

We were in and out of several shops and we all found items we just couldn't do without. People were constantly taking pictures of us because we were wearing our new red bra hats that we made at our last get-together and they are attention getters! In Victoria gift shop, I bought a lovely tea cup and saucer to take to the International Red Hat Convention in Atlanta, Georgia in April, 2013. The theme is "Hospitalitea" and most attendees are exchanging tea cups and saucers as part of the fun. We had a great time shopping in Vintage Etcetera where I purchased an antique hat to wear to the Alamogordo Centennial Ball on December 28, 2012 taking place at the library.

We went on to Memories, a Victorian themed restaurant, where we dined on delicious soup and sandwiches. We made some plans for next year and exchanged Christmas ornaments. A new Red Hatter joined us and we all celebrated her membership by playing "Zippity Doo Dah" on our kazoos, the official musical instrument of the Red Hat Society. Again, several pictures were taken and people were amazed at our red bra hats. One said we looked like Vegas show girls!

The first two photos are of Queen Ladybird aka Carla taken by my dear husband, Doug because I am the photographer at the event.

Queen Ladybird
I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille
Mistress Marian discovers some elegant shoes while Duchess of Karr Canyon aka Margie looks on
VQ Penny aka Duchess of High Rolls found a fabulous mask at Vintage Etcetra
Right: Milady Melissa, our newest member
Just had to give you a close-up of that great smile
L to R: Rosa aka Lady Rosamar, Marian, Margie, Penny and Carla. Melissa is hidden behind Marian and Darla is behind Carla at our lovely Christmas luncheon at Memories Restaurant.

This is all I have to say for now.