Sunday, May 27, 2018

Red Hatters Gather At Evans Home

April 12, 2018, Red Hatters at Evans Home for lunch and games

On Saturday, April 12, 2018, nine members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society in Alamogordo, New Mexico traveled to the home of Alice Evans in High Rolls, New Mexico to share a pot luck luncheon and play games.

Before lunch, Alice had arranged for a Scavenger Hunt in the garden area of the yard that is continually under development by Alice's husband "Evans". (He goes by his last name because he spent so many years in the U.S. Navy and Evans is all he was ever called.) Alice had hidden small pieces of paper in various items and locations in the garden (centered around the waterfall and creek) with words printed on the pieces of paper. Alice also provided each of us with a page of clues. Once a Hatter has found all ten words, she must make a sentence from them and glue them to a larger paper provided by Alice. The sentence, "Red Hatters have more fun in High Rolls, New Mexico." Several were unable to find the word "in", myself included, but everyone was a winner because Alice gave each of us a lovely decorated box filled with chocolate candy!

Lunch was scrumptious with everything from Chicken and White Bean Chili to Spinach Quiche. Salads and desserts were in abundance as well. Alice made a delicious fruit punch and provided coffee and iced tea.

After lunch, we cleared everything and played poker with Evans taking the role of dealer. It was so much FUN that we almost overstayed our welcome.

Thanks, Alice, for being such a great hostess for this Red Hat event. Thanks to Evans for being such a great sport and joining in.

Jean Courtier, our world traveler
Trudy Reese, an amazing hat decorator
Flo Dean (a writer) and Gail Swineford who is our new Royal Scribble
Carmen Veenpere is an experienced poker player and Jean contemplates what to do next
Margie Purcella and Jan Jennings decided to leave early
Jean reading Red Hat information while Evans (our red hot poker dealer) puts everything away
I do apoligize for not taking more pictures. I just got so much into the games and the food that I forgot about my camera. Perhaps it is time for the Queen to appoint a Royal Photographer???

This is all I have to say for now.

Carla Kerr Visits Family in Texas

April 30 - May 8, 2018 Carla visits family and friends in Texas

When we returned from the 20th Anniversary Red Hat Cruise, I immediately unpacked, did laundry and prepared food for my husband, Doug before flying to Fort Worth, Texas to visit my brother, diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer. While there, I visited with my son, Russ and daughter, Lynne. I also got acquainted with my 12th great grandchild, 6 month-old Alison Cromwell. One day, I even ventured over to Weatherford, Texas to have lunch with sister Red Hatters, Anna Colley and Barbara Farley.

I mostly stayed at my son's home in Springtown, Texas where he has a delightful Vokswagen Tiguan that he put at my disposal to get around in. I really like this vehicle! I hope you enjoy this pictorial depiction of my visit.

Russ has the most amazing magnet collection depicting his travels
I couldn't resist taking this picture of a photo of my granddaughter, Tiffany (Russ' daughter) who is now 27 years old
Another photo L to R: Jim Render (deceased), Russ, Grandson Drew and daughter Lynne Render on the Render fishing boat in the bay
This is the hat Russ wears when he is riding his lawnmower on the back 40
Grammy Carla getting acquainted with her 12th great grandchild, Alison Cromwell
Pops (Russ), Alison and Grammy
Alison, Pops and her daddy, Wes Cromwell
At 6 months old, Alison loves to walk on her tippy toes like a ballerina
Pops watches while Alison tries on Grammy's Red Hat
Carla with daughter, Lynne
Carla and Lynne in Lynne's backyard
Lynne and Russ
Wesley, holding our little papoose
Carla with kid brother, Wesley Cason
My brother, Wesley who will be 73 in December
L to R: Anna Colley, Carla Kerr and Barbara Farley, Red Hatters all
I couldn't resist going to our former home in Weatherford to take a picture of the pecan tree I planted about ten years ago. It has thrived well!
Carla, playing darts on Lynne's patio
Lynne, sitting at her slot machine that you never have to put money into
Lynne and Carla wearing our Kentucky Derby hats
Carla on the Tri-cycle
Lynne, mowing her Uncle Wesley's yard
Wes decided he felt like helping and he's trying to get the weed eater started
I even helped by sweeping the porch and walkway
I tried to get a shot of Russ' guinea hens. Isn't this an adorable two-story cage!
This is a better shot of them.
It was a great visit and Wes and I had some time to reminisce and make new memories. The report is now that he may still be with us when I return for my 80th Birthday Party celebration. Lynne and Russ are hosting this at her house on August 11, 2018 at 2:00PM. If you know me, you will probably be receiving an invitation and I hope to see as many friends and relatives as possible.

This is all I have to say for now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

RHS 20th Anniversary Cruise - Mexican Riviera

April 13 - April 24, 2018 - Red Hat Society 20th Anniversary Cruise Down Mexican Riviera

Carla and Doug Kerr of Alamogordo, New Mexico were a part of 100 Red Hatters and four husbands who cruised on the Ruby Princess out of Los Angeles (actually Port of San Pedro), California on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

The first stop, April 15, 2018, was in San Diego, California where a number of Red Hatters debarked to attend a big California Red Hat Hoot with hundreds of Red Hatters taking part. I opted not to do this, having been to San Diego several times. Instead, I spent the day creating my "Festival" hat by decorating the large sombrero given to each of us by the Royal Splendor Travel Agency. They even gave the husbands each one and I was really glad because I wound up with so much on my hat that I needed two (one inside the other) to make it more stable. Knowing about the sombreros ahead of time,  I brought several items to decorate with and it turned out pretty well. In fact, at the Festival Dinner, my hat won first place. I also decorated my cabin door and won a prize for this too. FUN!

On Monday, April 16, 2018, we were afforded a Chocolate PJ Breakfast to which I wore my purple Hawaiian Caftan. Afterwards at 10:00 AM, we convened in the Michilangelo Dining Room to take part in a hat decorating class. After lunch and a catnap, we went to a Red Hat Tea in the Da Vinci Dining Room which was lovely. In the evening we attended the RHS Royal Ball dressed to the nines and had a grand time. Doug wore his tuxedo and the women were making lovely remarks about him and hugging him. He glowed and I smiled!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018, we arrived at Port Cabo San Lucas where Red Hatters took a "tender" to the shore (For those unfamiliar with the term "tender", it is like a lifeboat and used where the water is too shallow for the ship to dock.), boarded buses for a tour of the area. It is beautiful and we also did some shopping (The Red Hat official sport. ) and sightseeing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018, after a delicious breakfast with Doug, I took a tender with many other Red Hatters and vacationers to the Port of La Paz. Again, we boarded buses to sightsee and shop. We ate lunch wherever we could find a table or a chair to sit. The place was crowded where I ate, but the food was delicious and the people very friendly.

Thursday, April 19, 2018, we found ourselves at the Port of Loreto where we again went ashore in tenders and went by Taxi to Hotel Oasis where we enjoyed a clambake and Mexican Fiesta. We were entertained by Live Music with Erick, Folcloric dances by dancers from the states of Jalisco and Baja California South and as we all know, no fiesta can end without a pinata!! The food was delicious and I do believe, Boris (Debra's hubby) ate his weight in clams! He just couldn't get enough of them. After dinner back on the Ruby Princess, I became ill with what is called "Montezuma's Revenge" and  we were quarantined to our cabin for 24 hours. However, it was a day at sea so I didn't miss too much except the jewelry making class on Friday.

Saturday morning, April 21, 2018, we docked at Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, boarded buses and very much enjoyed sightseeing and shopping as usual. My husband, Doug, unknowingly bought me a beautiful silver and platinum tortoise necklace with fire opals scattered on the backs of the tortoises for, as I told him, Mother's Day, our 19th Anniversary, my birthday and Christmas, so he doesn't have to do any shopping for the rest of the year! After dinner, our Red Hat Society CEO Debra Granich and RHS Glee Club Director Christine Lozinak, among others, entertained us dancing the Mexican Hat Dance with the Mariachis playing for them and singing.

Sunday Lunch, April 22, 2018 was a Festival where we donned our decorated sombreros and paraded around the ship through the bars and pool areas. This was also much FUN and I managed to wear my hat by stabilizing it with Doug's ball cap on my head underneath. The Red Hatters also attended a 3:00 PM tea time and dinner as usual.

Monday, April 23, 2018 there were games to play and at 3:00 PM we attended the Royal Splendor Cocktail Party in the Skywalkers Nightclub. We then gathered in the pool area for a group photo and from there went to the Red Hat formal Birthday Bash Dinner. The chefs had baked a lovely purple and red cake shaped and decorated like a hat plus all the cooks and waiters came waltzing through with Baked Alaska. It was a  FUN evening. What a fabulous way to celebrate the Red Hat Society's successful 20th Anniversary!

I made a lot of new friends and for once, I wasn't the only Red Hatter from New Mexico and I got acquainted with Faun Ricks from Gallup, New Mexico. On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, we docked in San Pedro and went our separate ways to airport and vehicles.

Taking a group photo of a bunch of Red Hatters is like herding cats!
A shot from another direction
Marilyn Cresci, Carla Kerr, etc.
Sunday, Carla is beginning the process of decorating her sombrero
Hat completed, but unwieldy, so added Doug's ball cap to stabilize it
Carla's Fiesta Hat won First Place
Carla's decorated cabin door also won a prize
This was the Kerr address for the cruise
Nancy and David of Royal Splendor Travel, our lovely Cruise Directors
Another decorated cabin door
David, ready for the Chocolate Pajama Breakfast (He was everywhere taking pictures)
Elyse Soffer, Queen Mom of the Dazzling Jewels of Sun City West, AZ
This lovely bead bracelet is made of the dried rose petals from the roses presented to Sue Nicholson as Red Hatter of the Year 2017!
2017 Red Hatter of the Year, Susan (Sue) Nicholson
A walrus has climbed onto the back step of this boat to be fed fish
I just thought this was funny!
We visited the glass works and this artisan had just finished making this margarita tortuga!
Statue of a beautiful woman with hair flying in the wind
View of the waves lapping the rocky beach
Deb's husband Boris trying to herd cats!
An interesting shot of the Ruby Princess
This shot would make a great painting
The beautiful old church in Cabo San Lucas
Another Red Hat Sister offered to take my picture in front of the church
The beach in La Paz
Another beautiful statue of a mermaid hitching a ride with a dolphin
This gentleman is showing us how he makes thread out of cotton for the weaver
The weaver, hard at work
The front entrance to a famous Mexican tile maker
Sculpture of a scuba diver
Hammerhead shark sculpture (this area is home base for these particular sharks)
Sea nymph or mermaid with a baby dolphin
I thought I had seen a lot of saguaro cacti in Arizona, but there are forests of them in La Paz
We are now in Loreto waiting for our taxis and this adorable little girl caught our attention
Debra is asking the little girl to be in a picture with her
We are entertained at the Clambake Fiesta by these Folcloric Dancers with Christine Lozinak in training
and Red Hat CEO Debra Granich served as a bookend on the other end of these fabulous dancers
The young men dancers
A shot of the Ruby Princess from Loreto
We even had a pinata at the clambake and Nancy, our super cruise director, managed to hit it just right and out came all the candy
Walking back from the clambake, I spotted these little crabs on the rocks
Some Red Hatters took a ride in the donkey cart
A tourist kindly offered to take my picture in front of this colorful Loreto sign
Carla in front of the shark sculpture
Carla and Doug at dinner
There are no pictures for Friday, April 20, 2018 because we were quarantined due to my illness from something I ate in Loreto!

We have docked at Puerto Vallarta and this is a statue depicting the Inca influence
This wonderful statuary was just everywhere
David was trying to get everyone to stand between the Puerto Vallarta letters!
Loved this dolphin statue depicting them having so much FUN!

We enjoyed lunch in this lovely open-air restaurant with Mariachis entertaining us. Boris paid the Mariachis to play a favorite song of his and Debra's to celebrate honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta 35 years ago. There wasn't a dry eye in the place!
I spotted this statue of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in a restaurant

This is Roger Nelson, husband of Red Hatter, Aida, from San Jacinto, CA looking spiffy on formal night
Zana Simpson and Alethalou Harmon looking lovely
Aida and Roger, our table mates several times during the cruise
Marilyn Cresci from Tucson, AZ looking adorable
Bobbi Goode from Arizona
I know the lady on the left, but name escapes me. The other Red Hatter is Ila Reich, a veteran and citizen of North Dakota
David in his fabulous Red Hat Society jacket dancing to the music of the Mariachis
These fabulous Mariachis entertaining us
Breakfast with my Darling Doug
Doug's office in our stateroom
Georgean Kruger, a sister Red Hatter in Miss Kitty's Social Club
Carla with Debra Granich showing off the purple roadrunner gifted to her by the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter
Joann Miller (the lady of all things purple) with Deb Granich
These lovely ladies from California are Queen and Co-Queen of their chapter, always dress alike and are known as "Fric and Frac"
Another picture of my new friend, Ila
Nancy (hubby David is behind her) our darling cruise director
Red Hatter on right is my friend, Faun Ricks from Gallup, New Mexico
Roger and Aida Nelson
Alethalou Harmon looking gorgeous for the Red Hat Birthday Bash
Entertainment in the Atrium
That's Deb Granich on the far right dancing to Mariachi music
Yee Ha!
Special cake for the Red Hat Birthday Bash
Doug with one of our cute waitresses
With each event there was a costume change. Here I am ready to go to the Pajama Breakfast
Dressed for our formal night
Ready for the Clambake Festival
All ready for the shipboard Mexican Fiesta
Another shot of this award winning hat that I created
Samples of other decorated sombreros among the group
Elyse Soffer and Christine Lozinak
Carla visiting with Ila Reich
Our fabulous cruise director Nancy Neville (also a Red Hatter) so ready for FIESTA!
What a wonderful way to celebrate the Red Hat Society's 20th Birthday/Anniversary! Doug and I had a grand time and made new friends as well. Doug and I shared the photography on this trip.

This is all I have to say for now.