Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Red Hatters Lunch at Nuckleweed Place

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Eleven Red Hatters and one guest drove up the mountain to a quaint restaurant called Nuckleweed Place for lunch and to play a game of "Farkle" afterwards. Nuckleweed Place is a family owned restaurant and the food is absolutely delicious. The restaurant is in a repurposed mobil home adorned with lovely decor. As you might imagine, with a gaggle of Red Hatters, there was plenty of conversation and laughter.

L to R: Bobbie Tanner, Gale Swineford, Trudy Reese and Jan Jennings, all trying to decide what to order
L to R: Carmen Veenpere, Lu Mattson and Jean Courtier
Our adorable VQ Donna Williams
Margie Purcella and Florence Dean laughing because I almost took the picture with Flo trying to nibble on something
This is Ann from Texas who came with Flo
VQ Donna with Carmen as we are preparing to play Farkle
Gail, Trudy and Jan waiting for the final scores
Jan and Lu looking on while Jean computes the scores
Flo, Bobbie and Margie. Don't you love the decorated hats that Bobbie and Margie have created?
As we were going to our cars, we discovered this duo and I just had to have a picture of them
The colt kept trying to open the gate seemingly wanting to come out and play.
Here is a shot of the mountain scenery surrounding Nuckleweed Place
I never got around to having someone take my picture there so hubby took this one after I got home
Lu Mattson and VQ Donna Williams wound up winning Farkle. It takes a while to accumulate 10,000 points to win, but they managed to do so. We had divided up into teams of 6 to play the game. It was so much FUN and I know I'm looking forward to going back to Nuckleweed Place Restaurant on Laborcita Canyon Road near La Luz, New Mexico in the Sacramento Mountains.

This is all I have to say for now.

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