Thursday, July 13, 2017

Red Hatters Tour Sacramento Mountains Historical Museum and Dine at the Lodge

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society took a day trip to Cloudcroft, New Mexico to tour the Sacramento Mountains Historical Museum and to dine at the Lodge there. This event was arranged by Red Hatter Flo Dean aka Lady Crimson and it was so interesting at the museum. I had no idea this museum was there and I plan to return with my husband, Doug, to more thoroughly explore the old village of Cloudcroft that is part of this museum. They have rescued old buildings and cabins of pioneers and moved them to this area of Cloudcroft and the displays and arrangements are amazing. There is a barber shop, a church, a tack barn, various cabins and even the fire department building with antique ambulance and fire truck parked inside. There is also a large new building in back of the village that houses many artifacts from this area's history which I never got to see. I will return!

L to R: Darla Shelley, Carmen Veenpere, Carla Kerr, Kimberly Gugliotta and VQ Donna Williams (Kim talked some strange man into taking this picture of us in front of the gift shop at the Lodge!)
The old barber shop (even has the barber pole outside) is enclosed in glass so a bit of a glare in the picture.
The inside of the old church
Carmen inside the museum in front of one of the dioramas of old Cloudcroft
A table in the barber shop where they played dominoes
One of the old cabins
Horse drawn fire hose wagon
We are in the Tack Barn and this is a one-horse open sleigh
A collection of very old tools in the Tack Barn
This is a horse drawn hay baler
The old Fire Department with antique vehicles
L to R: Margie Purcella, Jean Courtier, VQ Donna, Lu Mattson and Flo Dean (our hostess for this event)
Bobbie Tanner (standing) and Trudy Reese on her trusty steed!
L to R: Darla Shelley, Gail Swineford and Carmen
Trudy and Queen Ladybird aka Carla
L to R: Trudy, Gail, Bobbie, Margie, VQ Donna, Queen Carla, Lu, Flo and Jean. Darla's there, but didn't quite get in the photo!
L to R: Bobbie, Trudy, Gail, Flo, Darla, lu, Jean and Alice waiting to place orders for lunch at the Lodge
L to R: Darla, Lu, Jean, Alice and Carmen
L to r: Bobbie, Trudy and Gail
VQ Donna, Bobbie and Trudy (love their smiles)
L to R: Flo, Darla and Lu
L to R: Alice, Carmen and Margie
Kimberly Gugliotta aka Queen Curvy
The food was great as always and we had a grand time visiting and catching up on our lives with each other. I may be prejudiced, but I think I have an adorable group of Red Hatters in my chapter and I love everyone of them. Thanks to Alice for taking pictures with me included. Somehow, we always seem to forget that. Hugs

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DPOC Float in Alamogordo, New Mexico July 4th Parade

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Members of the Democratic Party of Otero County (DPOC) got together and decorated a float for the July 4th Parade in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The parade theme was "What Makes America Great" and our answer was "Freedom of Speech". We had a lot of FUN decorating our float and visiting with one another.

The DPOC float pulled by Jeff Swanson's truck

Carla Kerr posing with the float
L to R: Carla, Stephanie Dubois, Republican Party Chair
L to R: Republican Party Chair, DPOC Chair Nadia Sikes and Carla
Donna Swanson, relaxing in the shade waiting for the parade to form up
Miss Otero County Teen and Miss Alamogordo Teen
Indivisible Chair Carrie Ludington with her son
The sign says it all!
We are aboard and ready to parade through town
Families enjoying the parade
Parade watchers including these two little girls in their darling patriotic dresses
Bob Flotte broadcasting the parade
Showtime Studio, "Home of the Hip Hop Champions"
We had a grand time and managed to stay cool under our constructed awning as it was another hot one in Alamogordo. Hope your 4th of July was a great one!

Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photography for the lovely photos.

This is all I have to say for now.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Red Hatters Engage in Adult Coloring at Queen's Home

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society in Alamogordo, New Mexico gathered at Queen Ladybird's home (aka Carla Kerr) to engage in adult coloring and to enjoy a lunch of pot luck salads, ice tea and coffee. The play DVD of "The Haunted Garden" was a surprise bonus.

The weather is too hot here to try to do anything outside so we are thinking of things to do where it is air conditioned. As I write this it is 100 degrees outside!

One member, Jean Courtier, brought two huge boxes of Red Hat regalia donated by a lady whose mother had passed and she wanted Red Hatters to use them. With the loot divided up, we than enjoyed watching a DVD of a play that Carla was in at the Rohovec Theatre at NMSU-A.
Still watching the DVD
L to R: Lu Mattson, Gail Swineford, VQ Donna Williams, Trudy Reese, Queen Carla and Jean choosing which pictures to color
Doug finally got our attention. Lu, Gail, Donna, Trudy, Carla and Jean
As you can see, we are all seriously coloring
And the beat goes on
We are enjoying coffee and grapes
I am making progress with my "Believe in Yourself" poster
Donna moving right along with her coloring
It looks like we are closing in on our objectives
Lu was the first to finish and isn't this lovely? By the way, Lu is a very accomplished oil painter.
Time for our salad luncheon and it was delicious and quite varied
Lively conversation ensued while we dined
Jan Jennings came running in from the Alamogordo Quilt Show
Here we are with the finished product, each quite unique and lovely.
Donna, showing off one of the donated hats that she chose
The first time we indulged in adult coloring, Donna was not enthusiastic at all. Now, she asks,"When are we going to color again?" This is really a pleasant way to chat among ourselves and be creative at the same time. Also it keeps us inside out of that awful heat. We will be doing this again somewhere along the way. I finished mine (I'm slow) after everyone left and placed it on my refrigerator along with Lu's who forgot hers.

Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photography for the great pictures.

This is all I have to say for now.