Friday, February 21, 2020

Beta Sigma Phi Sweetheart Dinner Dance at Holloman AFB, New Mexico

February 7, 2020

My friend and sister Red Hatter, Jean Courtier, is also a member of Preceptor Alpha Pi's Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Social Sorority and they held their Sweetheart Dinner Dance at Holloman Air Force Base NCO Club on Friday, February 7, 2020.

The food was delicious; prime rib (choice of well, medium or rare), baked potatoes w/the works and salad or one could have chicken.

A DJ provided music for dancing and entertainment. At one point, they crowned two chapter's members as "Sweethearts" and gave them flowers and gifts. It was all quite lovely and we had a grand time. They had a photo booth set up which we gleefully took advantage of.

Carla and Doug Kerr in their hot rod
Left is Rosalie and our hostess, Jean Courtier
Rosalie, a volunteer at the Cancer Resource Center in Alamogordo, NM
Gail Swineford toasting us, I think
Kimberly Gugliotta with her prince, Tim
Table centerpieces were created by one of the Sorority sisters
Rosalie found someone to dance with
Chubby Checker's Twist
Other couples dancing
Mistress of Ceremonies introducing the Sweethearts being crowned
Right is Jean introducing her chapter Sweetheart standing to her right
Royalty is lauded and celebrated on this special evening
We had a grand time listening to the music, dining and watching those who could still dance, get out on the dance floor and entertain us.

Thanks to Jean for inviting us and thanks to Doug for taking and processing the photos.

I am going to tag onto this a couple of photos from the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society's monthly get together on February 15, 2020 at Carmen Veenpere's home. The event was hosted by Jean Courtier and Carmen. They provided pizza, salad and plenty of dessert for lunch. We played Farkle (a dice game with 6 dice) and there was a lot of laughing going on because we had all forgotten how to play the game. We finally got it together and Jean was the score keeper and Jean won. Carmen gave her a good run for her money as did Karen Townsend.

I forgot my camera and used my cell phone and my hands are too shaky and only a couple of the pictures were decent enough to print. I do apologize to everyone.

L to R: Carmen and Jean (Jean is looking through a Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass to read the game instructions)
L to R: Jean Courtier, Flo Dean, Kimberly Gugliotta and our Royal Scribble Gail Swineford
These were the only photos salvaged from my camera in my phone. We actually had 13 people in attendance so it would have been the perfect time for good pictures.

Thanks to Doug for processing the pictures and thanks to Jean and Carmen for being the hostesses with the mostest. It was lovely.

This is all I have to say for now.

Snow in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

We awakened to a fairyland this morning with about two inches of snow in a usually sunny little town. I just had to go out and take some pictures because this is such a rare event here. We usually view the snow on the mountains surrounding us.

This tree is across the alley from us and the birds love it
This is our little weeping willow in the backyard
This is our antique reversible riding plow in the backyard
It is still snowing in the Sacramento Mountains
This is our pomegranate tree in the sideyard
This chiminea gives you a visual of about a two inch snowfall
Mother Nature's ice sculpture
Our palm trees taking in water the hard way
A piece of wood resembling "Nessie" and our hose looks like a python
The roadrunners have taken on their winter coat
A view of the mountains from the front yard
This is the fabulous peach tree that produces the best peaches around
The oleanders are so heavy with snow that they are hanging their heads
We actually had one more snow day about three days later, but it melted so fast we almost missed it.

Thanks to Doug for processing the photos.

This is all I have to say for now.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Red Hatters at Friendship Tea House for Tea Luncheon

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Twelve members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter in Alamogordo, New Mexico gathered at the Friendship Tea House for a lovely tea luncheon. We were actually Barb's first customers when she opened the tea house in January 2018. Barb Frick and her husband Bob make a great team in their kitchen and everything is freshly made and served that day.

As you will discover looking at the pictures below, this is truly a beautiful setting for a tea. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment, celebrating two birthdays for Vice Queen Alice Evans and Margie Purcella by kazooing Happy Birthday and presenting gifts. There was plenty of time for visiting and enjoying each other's company.

Just a shot to show how lovely everything looks
Proprietress Barb Frick relating the menu for the day
L to R: Kimberly Gugliotta, Rosanna Heath, Nancy Long and Jean Courtier
L to R: Dorothy Edwards, Margie Purcella, Florence Dean and VQ Alice Evans
L to R: Kimberly, Rosanna, Bob pouring tea and Nancy looking on
Our newest member Pink Hatter Shelly Carns
Shelly with our other Pink Hatter Alice Cuevas
Carmen Veenpere
L to R: Kimberly, Rosanna, Nancy, Shelly, Alice C., Carmen, Carla Kerr, Dorothy, Margie, Florence, Alice E. and Jean. (Thanks to Barb Frick for taking this picture.)
L to R: Dorothy, Margie, Florence and Alice E. in deep conversations
Vice Queen Alice E. modeling her new hat
This is the room to reserve for children's birthday tea parties
Corner decor
Samples of hats to wear for tea and more decor
Another lovely setting
Tea cup and saucer collection display
Entrance to the Friendship Tea House
On bench L to R: VQ Alice E., Dorothy, Florence and Carla. Back L to R: Carmen, Jean, Nancy, Kimberly, Rosanna, Margie, Shelly and Alice C.
Thanks to Barb for taking the last picture of all of us on her front porch. I heard many nice comments about their experience at this event and the tasty food as well. Thanks to Kimberly for pictures taken around the interior of the tea house. Thanks to Doug Kerr for processing the pictures for my blog. Next month we are going to Carmen's house to play games and eat pizza co-hosted by Jean Courtier.

This is all I have to say for now.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Linda Barker and Carla Kerr of Alamogordo Explore Bosque del Apache

Monday, December 30, 2019

Linda Barker and I drove to San Antonio, New Mexico and eight miles beyond to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. This beautiful refuge teems with sandhill cranes, snow geese, Canadian geese, bald eagles, around fifteen species of ducks during Winter months and numerous other birds and animals including bobcats, mountain lions,  coyotes, mule deer, wild turkey and great blue heron along with northern harriers. At least 25 species of shore birds visit this refuge every spring, including various sandpipers, ibis, stilts, plovers, phalaropes, godwits, dunlins, and curlews.

There are more than 150 species of cacti and other Chihuahuan Desert plants in the Desert Arboretum. They grow and bloom during the spring months and these prickly plants and their fruit provide shelter for nesting birds and tasty treats for javelina and quail. You will hear the calling of quail and the cooing of roadrunners. Avocets and stilts establish their nesting sites as well.

In the summer you will enjoy seeing hummingbirds and orioles at the feeders. Black-chinned hummingbirds arrive in the spring and number in the dozens during the summer. Calliope, broad-tailed and rufous hummingbirds arrive later in the summer.

The Festival of the Cranes, held during the week before Thanksgiving, offers up to 150 workshops, tours, lectures, and hikes over several days. Topics range from cultural history to natural history, photography to astronomy, and expressive arts to birdwatching. The weekend activities are geared toward kids featuring learning activities, exhibits, games and several workshops.

I noticed many photographers there with lenses on their cameras, some maybe three feet extended. One man was leaning against his truck to help him hold up this heavy lens. I'm sure he shoots some amazing pictures with his apparatus, but I managed, with my small camera, to get some decent shots.

Linda is retired from the U.S. Forest Service and she is very knowledgeable about plants and animals in the wild. I very much enjoyed her informative comments as we drove along viewing the critters in their comfortable habitat. We weren't lucky enough to see any of the land critters this trip, but I do plan to return in the future. We only had time to complete one of the loops so I'll do the other one next time.

This is a highly recognized wildlife refuge in the United States and it is well kept and easy to navigate. I highly recommend you visit this place if you are ever in the area. The visitor's center is quite lovely and they have a wonderful gift shop as well.

These are pintail ducks and they are all feeding except one
A family of cranes in the middle of the photo
Great blue heron, a loner
Ducks in a row
Another family of cranes
Crane family next door
We are beginning to see larger numbers of cranes
There are thousands of sandhill cranes who winter here before returning to Canada in the spring
Finally, a family of deer
The sun is going down and the cranes are flying in for the night
Beautiful New Mexico sunset
Isn't is amazing how well they blend in with their surroundings!
Canadian geese (one on right looks like she is wearing a hat, but it's a leaf)
Snow geese
Notice how pink the water looks from the sunset
This was taken on Tuesday morning on our way home and the crane family is having breakfast at a nearby farm. The farmers are paid to plant certain grains that the cranes and geese will eat and they fly from the habitat at sunrise to the surrounding farms and dine all day, returning to the habitat at sunset. They only feel safe resting in water.
We stopped in Carizozo, NM to stretch our legs and this is Linda Barker in front of the Lincoln County Courthouse
Carla Kerr keeping warm
It was a fabulous trip and I learned a lot about the flora and fauna of New Mexico from my friend, Linda Barker. Thanks for driving, Linda.

This is all I have to say for now.