Monday, June 26, 2017

Carla and Douglas Kerr in Los Alamos, New Mexico

Sunday, June 18, 2017 in Los Alamos, New Mexico (Father's Day)

This startling looking creation looks like a battleship which we spotted on the way to Los Alamos

After a good breakfast at Cumbres Suites, we packed up and started our drive to Los Alamos, New Mexico. Upon arriving, we were too early for check in so we went exploring and, even though this was Sunday, we found the Chamber of Commerce was open. A lovely man there (I believe his name was Pat) loaded us up with brochures and maps containing information about the area and recommended a restaurant called The Blue Window. We went looking for it and later discovered that they had the former address of this place as they had recently moved. Also, they were closed on Sundays anyway. We finally settled for El Parasol Mexican Restaurant. It was just okay, but we were starved and sustenance was the word!

We then went to the Historic Museum and it was  chock full of  interesting information, pictures, momentos, etc. about the history of Los Alamos and how it eventually evolved to become the thriving and beautiful little city that it is. There was quite a lot of walking involved and Doug got very tired. I went to retrieve the car and drove to where he was and picked him up.

Doug spotted a sign that said "Overlook Point" so we drove there and it was the most amazing view of the Rio Grande River way below us winding its way along and through the valley.

This is a lovely place to view the surrounding area
This is the mighty Rio Grande River meandering through the valley
A small waterfall coming out of the mountainside
Another view of the Rio Grande
This is the lower part of the falls you saw earlier
Doug at Overlook Point
Yet another rock formation
We had killed enough time to go back and check into the Holiday Inn Express and Suites and we were ready for a nap. The hotel is beautiful with lots of artwork on the walls, a huge breakfast room with everything one would need to make a substantial breakfast. The bed was extremely comfortable and we decided to call it a day.

This is all I have to say for now.

(Additional photos taken by Douglas A. Kerr Photography during our exploration of Los Alamos.)

Welcome to Los Alamos
The new entrance to a formerly secret city

The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce gave us information about the Historical Museum and we explored it. The lady there told us the building was formerly the dorm house for the boys who came to the area for a number of years where they were toughened up and made into men.

Entrance to the Historical Museum
Another section of the Museum
This is a very old sign advertising Los Alamos and the Bandelier National Monument
A beautiful sculpture honoring former museum directors
After lunch, we drove to Overlook Point
I am standing on the edge of the world here
We returned to the Holiday Inn to rest up for the next day's adventures.

This is all I have to say for now.

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