Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Kerrs and Friends from The Netherlands Explore Tularosa, New Mexico

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our friends, Eveline and Gerrit, went with us to check out the acequia, (an ancient irrigation plan used for watering crops and plants) which is still used in Tularosa, New Mexico. Water runs in ditches and one must raise their gate to allow the water needed to flow onto their property. When they have enough water, they reset the gate and the water continues on to the next user.

We found yellow honeysuckle growing wild on the fences along the ditches along with huge pecan trees, mulberry trees and flowers of various types blooming.

Afterwards, we drove to lunch at the Casa de Suenos, our favorite Mexican Restaurant. We definitely wanted them to experience the cuisine there as we think it is the best for miles around.

L to R: Eveline, Gerrit and Carla visiting before our trip to Tularosa

L to R: Doug, Eveline and Gerrit posing for the camera before we leave
Eveline and Carla checking out the direction of the acequia
Carla, Eveline, holding the tree limb out of her face, and Gerrit
Eveline and Carla viewing the acequia
Looks like a serious conversation
The three of us checking out the beautiful good smelling honeysuckle vines
The four of us dining at Casa de Suenos
Eveline and Gerrit can't say this was a run-of-the-mill vacation. I took them to the Rohovec Theatre on the Hill to help collate, fold and staple the playbills for "They Mystery of Pirate's Cove" and they met several members of the cast. On one evening, Alamogordo City Council was meeting and we took them with us to that. They found it to be quite interesting and not at all boring. Of course, politics in Alamogordo is many things, but never boring!

As I am president of the Theatre Guild, while Doug and I were at the monthly meeting, Eveline and Gerrit cooked dinner for us in our kitchen. They made a recipe containing various vegetables, cheeses, butter and spices wrapped in fillo dough and baked in the oven. They also made a delicious avocado salad. What a fabulous treat!

Gerrit cleaning his glasses and getting ready to cook
Here we are enjoying this amazing home cooked meal served with six-grain bread
Eveline taking a well-deserved rest
Time was running out and we had one more adventure to experience so it was off to bed and up early the next morning ready to travel again.

Thank you Douglas A. Kerr, Photography for the great photos.

This is all I have to say for now.

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