Monday, May 9, 2016

Red Hatters Celebrate RHS 18th Birthday in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Two carloads of New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society members took a road trip to Las Cruces to The Hilltop Inn to take part in the 18th birthday celebration of the Red Hat Society hosted by the G.A.L.S. Chapter in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Their was plenty of shopping (the official sport of the Red Hat Society) to be had at what I would call the resale and re-purpose shop set up at one end of the room. There were hats and clothes, many arts and crafts items as well as official Red Hat memorabilia. Several of the girls found hats they couldn't live without as well as other items.

We were given cards to get initialed by other Red Hatters until we had all the squares initialed which were then turned in for a drawing for a prize. The cards had different items on the squares and one had to search out (for instance) someone who had ridden an elephant, someone who had been to London, or a person who was an artist, etc. It is quite a FUN way to become acquainted with sister Red Hatters. Vice Queen Donna Williams of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter was the lucky winner of this game.

There were many door prizes with a number of these being won by our girls so we came home with some swag as well as our purchases at the shopping end of the room.

We had a lovely luncheon and were entertained by a gentleman who sang like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and such and he was quite good at taking us down memory lane in song.

We sang Happy Birthday to the Red Hat Society and had cupcakes topped off with large jeweled rings.

It was a truly FUN event and the Red Hatters of Las Cruces really worked hard to make it a terrific day for all of us.

This lovely Red Hatter is a personal friend of one of our members, Carmen Veenpere
Jan Jennings sporting her newly purchased hat
Our entertainer who was Sinatra, Martin and Darin all wrapped up in one
Jan and Carmen Veenpere
VQ Donna Williams with her prize
Left is Nancy Rivera who spearheaded this event talking to one of her assistants

VQ Donna shot this picture of Carla aka Queen Ladybird
Gail Swineford sporting her beautiful bird hat fascinator created by member Trudy Reese
Trudy, looking very regal
Left is Jean Averett, Queen of the Desert Darlings Chapter with one of her members 
Queen Ladybird (aka Carla Kerr) of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter
Everyone had such a grand time and it is just beyond amazing how the Red Hat Society has grown in these 18 years. It is truly a network of sisters around the world communicating and taking care of each other in the most positive way possible. Happy Birthday Red Hat Society and thanks for all you do to make our lives more meaningful.

Thanks to Doug (my darling) for taking the above photo of me because I'm usually behind the camera.

This is all I have to say for now.

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