Thursday, May 26, 2016

Red Hatters and Guests Explore the Iris Farms in Hondo, New Mexico

May 14, 2016

Members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society in Alamogordo, New Mexico took a day trip to the Iris Farms in Hondo, New Mexico. Visiting as well were, Eveline and Gerrit of The Netherlands, friends of Queen Ladybird aka Carla Kerr and her husband, Doug. They came to celebrate Doug's 80th birthday and to see Carla in a play at the NMSU-A Rehovec Theatre on the Hill in Alamogordo.

I took many pictures of the flowers, but will only post a few here so as not to bore you. There was late snow in the mountains where this farm is and many of the irises had not as yet bloomed. However, as you will see, there were plenty to see anyway. I have tried to identify their names where possible.

The group traveled back to Tularosa, New Mexico where they dined at a new restaurant, Grill 49, and were pleasantly surprised at the remodeling  that had been done which made the place full of light and made the ambience very pleasing. The food was delicious and the service impeccable. I'm sure we will visit this place again in the near future.

Joyce Terry
Bold Look Rebloomer
A pair of Robin Redbreasts frolicking in the grass
Clarence Rebloomer
Victoria Falls Rebloomer
Stepping Out
Mega Bucks
One of many beautiful flower beds
Interesting rock formation with flowers called "Devil's Poker"
Red Poppies
Pink Honeysuckle Vine
Gerrit, from The Netherlands, checking out the pond
Eveline, from The Netherlands
Red Hatter Jean Courtier taking a break with Gerrit and Eveline
Gerrit capturing a scene with his camera
L to R: Jan, Jean, VQ Donna, Flo, Alice and Margie ready for lunch at Grill 49 in Tularosa, New Mexico
L to R: Flo, Alice, Margie and Eveline
Jean and VQ Donna signing birthday cards
Jan, Jean and VQ Donna visiting with others across the table
VQ Donna celebrating her birthday with Queen Ladybird aka Carla (Photo by Florence Dean)
VQ Donna beautifully models her new fascinator and enjoying being serenaded with Happy Birthday on kazoos, our Red Hat official musical instrument
Several bought Irises to bring home to plant or as gifts for family members. Several made purchases in the art and clothing store on the premises thus indulging in the Red Hat Society's official sport, "Shopping". It was a great day trip and everyone had a grand time.

This is all I have to say for now.

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