Monday, May 25, 2015

Iris Farm and Gallery in Hondo and Lunch at Tinnie's Silver Dollar Saloon

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society carpooled about 80 miles from Alamogordo to Hondo, New Mexico to visit the Iris Farm and Gallery. It was as gloriously a beautiful day as one can find in the great state of New Mexico and the Irises were blooming abundantly.

Several gals bought potted Irises to take home to plant and/or to give as gifts to relatives. Several had their cameras busy taking pictures of this amazing array of color. The establishment is down off the main highway, situated on a lovely creek and besides Iris, there are various trees, including olive trees, and other flowers. There is a charming shop or gallery filled with beautiful jewelry, clothing, New Mexican art, etc. created by various artisans, including the owner's (Alice Warder Seely)  jewelry creations being most prominently displayed. The Red Hatters delightfully engaged in the Red Hat official sport of shopping.

One Red Hatter suggested we have lunch in Tinnie, New Mexico at Tinnie's Silver Dollar Saloon. It is a small town just four miles past Hondo. While the girls were shopping, I consulted my GPS, found the restaurant phone number and called to make sure it was still there and open. The young man assured me they would take care of us, but seriously cautioned that we would have to dine in the saloon, which I found amusing. Their dining room is only open in the evenings.

With our shopping completed with one hatchback car loaded with pots of Irises, we headed up the road to Tinnie. They had set up a table for us and we had a lovely lunch. During lunch, three ladies at another table motioned for me to come over. They were from California and were just astounded to see a large group of Red Hatters in Hondo, New Mexico. They were Red Hatters in California. I explained to her that we were from Alamogordo, but visited venues around the state.

As we were preparing to leave, a gentleman called, "Carla", and I looked up to see Randy Shaw, Facility Manager of the Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility dining with his wife. (Chapter members had toured his facility in August, 2014.) Randy said, "You Red Hatters just show up everywhere." We chatted and I gave his wife a brochure with my cards and invited her to join us.

As you will see by the pictures, it was a lovely event and everyone was properly tired by the time we got back to Alamogordo.

As usual, Doug took my picture because I'm always behind the camera
About to be new member, Valerie, with her camera
Receiving information and Iris catalogs

Such a plethora of colors to behold
There were just rows and rows of Irises
Monica took several Irises home with her
There is just every variety of Iris imaginable in these gardens
Anyone for yellow Iris?
Definitely couldn't pass up the purple Iris
Mother Nature at her best
About to become new member Margaret, talking with Lu and Karen
Karen stopped for my shot
Rosa with camera and Monica admiring the purple Irises
It is impossible to take pictures of all of them
Peaceful looking creek meandering through the property
So surprised to find olive trees growing along the creek bank
The gazebo covered with Red Gypsy Honeysuckle
Gardens in front of the Gallery
Valerie and VQ Donna visiting

I spotted this little guy searching for bugs
L to R: Lu, Jean, VQ Donna and Monica at Tinnie's Silver Dollar Saloon
L to R: Karen, Dorothy E., Valerie and Rosa
Last but not least, Margaret
The highlight of this event is that we have two new committed members, Valerie and Margaret, and they were warmly welcomed by the group.

This is all I have to say for now.

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