Friday, August 2, 2013

Timberon, New Mexico Blues Festival

Saturday/Sunday, July 27-28, 2013

Carla is a member of the Sassy Survivors Relay for Life Team and the Baker family has a food trailer that they use strictly for charity/fund raising purposes. They made arrangements to attend the Timberon Blues Festival so it seemed like a good idea to go along and help out. Their food specialty is the "Walking Taco" and they are delicious. These are made in half pound and one pound cardboard food trays and the ingredients are corn chips, taco meat, tomatoes, onions, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream with salsa and jalapenos on the side. They also sell ice cream, water, ice tea and sodas.

The festival was quite entertaining with ten or twelve bands taking part over the two days. There were also a number of vendor booths with interesting items for sale. Everyone was very friendly and there was plenty of conversation to be had.  The music was very professional and had just about everyone tapping their feet, keeping  the beat.

The Baker family is an amazing crew going from parents, Sue and Delton, daughters, Nicole and Jennifer, son-in-laws, Mike and Mike and grandchildren, Alexi, Andrew, Maddie and Mason. Everyone pitches in to help make their part of the event successful. They are a fun group to work and play with.

Doug and Carla stayed in the Sacramento River Lodge, a place that is trying to come back to life. It was alright, but let's hope they continue remodeling the place. There's a lot of room for improvement to say the least. Timberon is for all intents and purposes, a ghost town. However, they do have a small airport, a golf course with a restaurant and a Deli that isn't open on Sundays. It was good that we had packed fruit and cheese in the ice chest so a make do breakfast out under the tall pines on Sunday morning sufficed.

The famous Walking Taco food trailer
Delton and Jennifer enjoying a break

One of the many bands in action

Carla talking to a vendor about a hat
Alexi and Carla discussing purchase of yet another hat
Carla headed back for another shift in the trailer

Nicole, ready for business
Carla, framed in the window of the taco trailer
Customers are lining up for some scrumptious walking tacos
Nicole with  little Maddie contemplating eating a big hot dog
Some of the crowd in the vendor area
Here's Carla out shopping again
Bridge to the venue that was almost washed away the day before due to a flood
Maddie attracting customers
Another great band
People listening to the music-this was a bring your own chair type of event
They are fairly good dancers and seem to be having a grand time
A cute couple trying to keep the drizzle off-it didn't last long
This is our make-shift breakfast
Part of the Sacramento River with stone bridges for the cattle to cross
These bridges are amazing and even have orange railings on them
On the way home, we did see some elk out in a field, but we were past them before we could take a picture so I settled for a couple of cows (see above) this time. We drove into Cloudcroft and dined at Big Daddy's enjoying their famous pisole soup.

Thanks Doug, for taking all the great pictures.

This is all I have to say for now.

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