Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tim Eichenberg Running for State Treasurer

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A group of  local Democrats gathered at the Sunset Run Restaurant to meet and dine with Tim Eichenberg who is running for the office of State Treasurer of New Mexico. The food was quite good as always and Tim made some interesting observations about the job of treasurer, gave some personal information about his having been out of politics for a while due to his mother's illness and talked about the differences between treasurer and auditor. He is a former state senator and I believe he has the utmost integrity and will do an amazing job as our state treasurer.

I happened to be sitting right next to where he sat down to talk to everyone on our end of the table. When he walked in I spied a beautiful roadrunner pin in his lapel. When he sat down, I said, "Tim, I notice you have a roadrunner pin in your lapel and I am Queen Ladybird of the Red Hat Society New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter here in Alamogordo."

He replied, "My jacket is over on another chair at this time, but before I leave I will give you that roadrunner pin." AND, I'm thrilled to say he did just that.

Tim Eichenberg chatting with Barbara McDonald
Tim Eichenberg, candidate for state treasurer
Tim, speaking with Nadia Sikes, Chair of Democratic Party of Otero County (DPOC)
Tim, talking to the group

Random shots of the group
Carla talking with Tim about his roadrunner lapel pin
Mike and Tim discussing strategy
Clif McDonald talking with Tim
It was a lovely evening. I feel sure I will vote for Tim. He has the aura of a good person.

Thanks to Doug for the photos.

This is all I have to say.

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