Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RHS Meet and Greet in Alamogordo, NM

July 13, 2013

The day for our Meet and Greet finally arrived. We were hopeful of a good turnout because we advertised our event in the community calendar in the Alamogordo Daily News and Carla was interviewed on KRSY regarding the event as well as information about the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter by Nadia Sikes.

Doug came with Carla to take photos of the event and upon arrival at the White Sands Mall, Carla got busy setting up the tables and decorating. The tables are covered in tablecloths she made. On one end is a tiered stand containing cupcakes frosted in red and purple with the number "15" on a toothpick stuck in each cupcake continuing the 15th birthday celebration of the Red Hat Society. On the other end is a mirror with various hats around it so women can try on and experience the "magic of the hat". There are also feather boas, beads, balloons and gloves scattered about to complete the decorating.

It was a lovely gathering and we signed up seven new members. It was a truly fun event and several of the girls enjoyed dining in the Mall as time permitted. It is going to be grand getting fully acquainted with all of our new members. Each new member received a Kazoo and a Red Hat button. We all played Happy Birthday to Penny on our Kazoos.

Birthday girl Penny Pirrung and chapter Vice Queen

Carla aka Queen Ladybird setting up for the event
Penny, Carla and Margie
All set to Meet and Greet the public
Carla welcoming new member Gloria Vaughn. She came wearing the colors ready for action!
We have one rule, "Red on the head and purple on the shoulders" unless your are under age 50.
Carla explaining about the Red Hat Society to incoming member Donna Clark
Celebrating Red Hat Society's 15th birthday

Continual Meeting and Greeting
L to R: Dorothy Smith receiving the Flying Purple People Eater Award for outstanding service, Carla and Lu
Carla telling Joann Padilla all about the Red Hat Society. She joined.
L to R: Penny, Darla, Margie, Dorothy, Lu and Carla
The information exchange with Ann Smith
Ann Smith signing up
Another very interested lady. She took all the information and will sign up on line.
 Cyprina Madrid is our newest member!
One lady did not make it to the Meet and Greet, but I saw her later in the evening and she signed up so it was a great success.

Thanks to Doug for the great photos.

This is all I have to say for now.

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