Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Texas Canyon in Arizona

April 7, 2013

As we returned from Tombstone, we made a side stop in Texas Canyon, home of The Triangle T Historic Ranch. We did not drive into the ranch itself, but here are some interesting facts about it. The original movie 3:10 to Yuma was shot on the ranch with Glenn Ford, Van Heflin and Felicia Farr.

Duel in the Sun wth Gregory Peck, Joseph Cotton, and Jennifer Jones was shot on the ranch. The Japanese Consul General and his entourage who were captured in Honolulu after the Pearl Harbor attack were brought to the ranch and interned there for the duration of the war; 22 adults and 15 children.

During the filming of Stagecoach, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash stayed on the ranch. Steve McQueen and Jodie McQueen used to stay on the ranch, and Jodie performed trick shooting for the guests.

Dorothy McLeod (then general manager) was the stunt double for Dorothy Mackaill in the movie "Mine with the Iron Door", Circa 1927.

The boulders in Texas Canyon (in Arizona) were formed from a granite intrusion of Texas Canyon Monzanite, with freeze/thaw and wind erosion. The ranch was the site of Cochise' winter camp.

The rock in the saloon was originally in the courtyard of the main ranch house. The house burned down in the 30s, and the saloon was built around the rock in the 70s.  Interstate 10 was built across the ranch, and a livestock tunnel was constructed under I-10 for access to the acreage on the north side of I-10. The ranch is approximately 160 acres.

The science fiction book "The Ancient Ones" by Lori Hines was written about the ranch, and has Linda Kelly (aka Melissa) as one of t he prime characters.

We were fascinated by the gigantic rock formations and Doug took many photos of which I've chosen a few to illustrate the view and, of course, there is even a critter in the mix.

I thought this looked like Dumbo in some ways
Sort of looks like the hooded King Cobra
I'll leave this one to your imagination
What? No hat?
I see all kinds of hidden faces in this one
And here's my critter. Looks well fed.
Could be a whale coming out of the ocean?
This gives you some idea of the size of these monsters
Some of these boulders are barely hanging on
Some guests at the ranch going out for a ride
If you are ever in need of a rock, just sayin'
Thanks to Doug for the great photos.

This is all I have to say for now.

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