Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Mexico Road Runner Chapter RHS Shopping and Lunch Las Cruces, NM, Mother's Day

May 25, 2013

Original plans were to visit and explore the Valley of Fire. Too many members on vacation or otherwise involved and three of us showed up. Talking among ourselves, we decided to drive to Las Cruces for shopping and lunch. We went to a couple of malls in and out of many stores before we finally got too hungry to do anything else. At one mall, we discovered a photo booth and it so intrigued us, we decided to enter it and take our picture. We got very tickled trying to fit the three of us into this small photo booth, but we managed. The next problem was operating it. There were instructions but they were confusing (to us anyway). On top of this, we could see ourselves in this window. However, the actual camera was below this window and we kept looking at the wrong place. It was a fun experience and I laugh every time I view  the video. I think we are very brave Red Hatters to show this video that is most unflattering to us, but too funny not to share!

We wound up going to the Dublin Pub for lunch where we were waited on by a lovely gentleman who was kind enough to take our picture with my camera that I had been lugging around all day in my purse without even once taking it out to capture our shopping spree.

L to R: Monica, Carla and Darla after a delicious lunch

This is the fun video that we took in the photo booth at the Sears Mall in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Doug and I at Casa de SueƱos in Tularosa, New Mexico for Mother's Day luncheon
 This is all I have to say for now.


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