Sunday, May 1, 2011

Red Hat Luncheon, Book Club, George Hetterich Memorial, Game Daze, Easter Dinner

Sunday, May 1, 2011
I am way behind in my blog, but have been involved in some interesting things so will bring you up to date.
On Monday, April 11, my friend Rita and I drove to North Austin, Texas to catch a train ride to Burnett and enjoy the Blue Bonnet Trail. We met several members of my Red Hat chapter there and had fun shopping at the Blue Bonnet Festival. However, the only blue bonnets we saw were some giant plastic ones in the town square. A severe lack of rain curtailed blooming of the blue bonnets. The train is touted as having a steam engine, however the steam engine has been in the repair shop for over two years and we had the usual diesel machine. We had fun anyway!

Thursday, April 14, the PCWNC Book Club met in my home where we reviewed "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" by Helen Simonson. It is a delightful book and one I highly recommend. Even though India is free of British rule the old prejudices hang on and this is really great insight into how some people overcome these by choosing to go their own way. They choose to follow their hearts and use their integrity in dealing with these issues.

Geri Hetterich with her friend Teri at the memorial reception
Geri's daughter-in-law Nichole with one of their twins. We think he looks like George!
Carla with Geri and long time friend Judy Freeman

Saturday, April 16, Doug and I drove to Dallas to attend the memorial service of our dear friend George Hetterich. He was a talented artist in several media. In fact, we have two of his paintings hanging in our home, one an oil and the other a water color. We saw many people we hadn't seen for at least four years, since we moved from Dallas to Weatherford, and had some great reunions despite the sad occasion. George's wife, Geri, is doing well and we wish her the best as she goes forward to the future without George. Everyone went to their home after the memorial service where a delicious fare of food was arrayed and we ate and reminisced.

Friday, April 22, was PCWNC Game Daze at Jan Barrow's home. It was a beautiful Spring day and we played outside on her patio. I played Polish Rummy while others played Dominos, cards and 7-Up. We always have a pot luck lunch on these occasions and the food was delicious, as usual.

Ashton, Ethan and Landon in the middle of Grammy's bed

Big Landon, Ethan's big brother playing the piano

Gorgeous granddaughter Tiffany ready to blow out the candles

Cat trying to keep things neat while daddy Andrew feeds Ethan

Jennifer and Taylor, parents of the twins and Mimi

Grandson Wesley and Tiffany holding Ethan

Pops holding Ashton

Aunt Lynne, Pops' sister

Ethan having a special moment with Mimi

Grammy with Landon

Easter Sunday, April 24, brought all the children to our home for Easter dinner. I prepared two fat hens baked in the oven, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes and macaroni salad. Others brought a green salad, fruit salad and a birthday cake to celebrate granddaughter Tiffany's 20th birthday that actually occurs on April 20. The twins, Ashton and Landon, almost six months old, are really beginning to notice everything and they are laughing out loud. Their little cousin, Ethan, even though younger by a month, is a little further along since he was full term and also a very happy baby. We had a lovely visit and a glorious Easter day.

This is all I have to say for now.

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