Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garland Divas Luncheon, Pageant Tea, Books 'n Authors 'n All That Jazz, Doug's 75th Birthday/Mother's Day, Receiving Eagle Feathers

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
I'm behind the eight ball again with my entries in my blog. Just so much going on while I'm trying to write another book at the same time that requires a lot of research.

I did make a trip to Allen, Texas with Queen Rowdy Red of Les Angels Purple Red Hat Chapter to take part in the Divas of Garland RH Chapter's autism charity luncheon and talent show. Three other members of her chapter (Judy on right above) joined us and we made a day of it. The talent show was terrific and we shopped at the vendor booths as well. I bought some wonderfully glitzy rings.

Three ladies, Shirley Meador, Barbara Reese and Norma Bryant, all from my former chapter in Dallas "Classic Elegance Red Hatters" were there as well and we had fun reuniting.

This is the Queen of the Divas of Garland chapter with her grandson who is autistic.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
I've let myself be talked into becoming a contestant in the Ms. Senior Parker County Pageant and they held a tea for the contestants allowing us to get acquainted and also to receive pertinent information about the pageant. There are eight of us in the pageant with varying talent. We are all at least over 60 years of age and some of us quite beyond this. The tea was lovely. We each received a beautiful long stemmed pale yellow rose (mine lasted for 11 days!) along with tickets to sell for the pageant. The pageant is Saturday evening at 7:00 o'clock on May 14, 2011 and the tickets are $10 each. All the proceeds go to Meals on Wheels so you can even take it off on your income tax. Tickets may be purchased at the door that night. It promises to be a fun evening!

Saturday, April 30, 2011
I spent the whole day in Texas Hall at Weatherford College along with 40 other Texas authors at Books 'n Authors 'n All That Jazz. I sold and autographed both of my books; The Cherokee Advantage, a memoir and Cherokee Adventures Book 1: Linnie and Aaron; the first in a series about Cherokee Indians loosely based on my great-great grandparents, their travels and adventures.

At 2:15 p.m. I went into the Alkek Auditorium for the Canis Latran writing contest awards. The photo above shows me receiving a certificate from Linda Bagwell for my entry "Older Women/Younger Men" in the Creative Non-Fiction Division. This was really a thrill and I'm already thinking about writing something for the contest next year.

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Not only was this Mother's Day, but we celebrated Doug's 75th Birthday and his daughter, Nancy's 50th birthday (May 7) all at the same time.

The children all came to our home and the guys cooked on the grill; we kept it simple so we women could take it easy for a change. We had a great feast of turkey burgers, bratwurst, corn on the cob, baked beans (home made) with cake and ice cream for dessert. Of course we had the usual chips and dip along with "firecrackers" for snacks. Kelley made a huge tray of veggies which, alas, never made it out of the refrigerator. Do you ever forget to take food out of the refrigerator when you are feeding a large group or are we the only ones who do this??

The twins were really in the mood to verbalize and it was such a pleasure hearing them make all their little baby sounds and laughter.

When the festivities were over and Doug and I were straightening up the patio, we discovered these two frogs hmm playing leapfrog? Or, perhaps doing what comes naturally!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
We met our favorite sculptor, Gordon Tonips, and his wife, Tommye, at the Cancun Restaurant in Ft. Worth for lunch. We were picking up our latest acquisition from him (we are now the proud owners of three of his incredible creations) and enjoying a visit at the same time. We had never been to this restaurant and I highly recommend it. The food was outstandingly delicious and the decor is quite beautiful. They are located at 7419 Camp Bowie Blvd. West, Ft. Worth, Texas 76116, Phone: 817-696-8810.

Gordon is Comanche/Kiowa Indian and a direct descendent of Quanah Parker. He makes his sculptures from stone he finds in various places. Our first two pieces were created from stone taken from the Anasazi Four Corners area of the country. This new one is created from Texas sandstone and the most unusual one yet.

When we finished dining, Gordon presented me with two bald eagle feathers and proceeded to instruct me in the protocol for caring for and respecting these powerful symbols of the eagle. I was absolutely awestruck and humbled by this precious gift from him. These feathers came from his personal eagle and the law is that they can never be sold. However, they can be gifted to another or traded for something of similar value. Also they must not be handled at night or touch the ground. He suggested I get a cedar box to keep them in when I'm not wearing them; one will go on my hat and the other will be attached to my fancy shawl in such a way that I may remove it when the shawl is not in use. He began to tell me how to prepare the feathers for use because they do need the fluffs attached and the quills wrapped. I will be wearing these feathers when I do the Indian Butterfly Dance as my talent in the Ms. Senior Parker County Pageant.

Gordon also said, "As you grow, you will receive more feathers." This really intrigues me; these came to me so unexpectedly, I fully believe others will follow. Experiencing Gordon's Indian spirituality is in itself a gift to be appreciated. It was indeed a fabulous day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Today, I had lunch with my pageant sponsors "IntegraCare" in their offices on Santa Fe here in Weatherford, Texas. This is National Nurses Week so they had everyone in for an awards meeting as well.

Shelly Kinkel, their Branch Director, read my resume and introduced me to the group as Ms. IntegraCare, Carla Kerr. They were all very friendly and gracious. We had a delicious lunch and photos afterward. I was in the photos so I failed to get photos of the group. However, I did photograph the cake one of the nurses' sister baked. It really fit the occasion.

IntegraCare's Account Executive is Carla Virginia, also a card carrying Cherokee from Oklahoma. So, not only do we have the same first name, but we are both Cherokee and both born in Oklahoma. It is surely a small world and getting smaller every day, but I'm glad. Look at all I would have missed!

This is all I have to say for now.

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