Monday, October 17, 2016

Relatives Visit from San Diego, California

October 2, 2016

Our granddaughter, Tiffany Peterson, and her mother, Kelley Cromwell came by for breakfast and a driving break with our precious great grandchildren, Dakoda (almost 4) and Brooke (3 years old).

We had a lovely visit while they ate pumpkin pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. I had some items left over from my International Red Hat Convention in San Antonio, Texas last month which I had saved to give to the children. They each got a stick horse, red cowboy hats and other items I had put together for them to play dress-up.

L to R: Dakoda, Tiffany, Grammy Carla, Brooke and Mimi Kelley enjoying breakfast
Brooke, Kelley and Tiffany
I appear to be spinning some kind of yarn to Kelley and Tiffany
Apparently, Dakoda likes his new hat
Brooke continues to eat. She can put it away!
Dakoda with his new stick horse named "Lady Glitter"
Looks like Brooke has finally eaten all she possibly can!
Dakoda is a'ridin'
Brooke wonders why her horse doesn't whinny like Dakoda's does when she pinches her ear
They are enjoying this ride
Kelley watching the kids ride
Brooke, waving to the camera
L to R: Tiffany, Brooke, Carla, Dakoda and Kelley. Four generations represented here!
It was a delightful visit and we hated to see them continue on their journey to Springtown, Texas, but Pops was waiting there for their arrival. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see them again when they do the return drive to San Diego.

Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photography for taking all the pictures and, as usual, we forgot to take one of him (also known as Papa Doug).

This is all I have to say for now.

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