Monday, October 3, 2016

Red Hatters Shop and Dine in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter in Alamogordo, New Mexico drove up the mountain to Cloudcroft to engage in our Red Hat Society official sport of shopping. We then went to The Lodge for lunch and to celebrate member Darla Shelley's birthday.

The next stop was at the lovely home of Alice and Evans in High Rolls for drinks and dessert to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. Many friends and neighbors were in attendance when we arrived. We had a grand time getting acquainted with everyone and enjoying the delicious array of desserts prepared by Alice and her neighbors.

While shopping in Cloudcroft, I purchased a new winter hat for my husband, Doug, and he was quite pleased with it, but it was too large. We went back to Cloudcroft the next day to exchange the hat and went to Big Daddy's Diner for their yummy posole and catfish. So, this turned out to be a Cloudcroft weekend for me.

L to R: Flo, Trudy and VQ Donna
Flo and Trudy
Magaret and Alice
Trudy and VQ Donna
Alice and Q/A Carla
Our birthday girl, Darla
Nita, Gail and Trudy at the anniversary party
Evans, our host, and a friend
Linda and Trudy
Birthday girl, Darla, with her new Red Hat

Another shot of Darla
The lovebirds, Alice and Evans
I forgot my camera this day so I took the shots at lunch with my cellphone. Alice took most of the shots at their home and someone else took the last shot of Alice and Evans. Anyway, we managed to get it covered.

It was FUN for everyone and so nice to see the happy couple doing so well. They were featured in my play The Colors of Living Life and are such great hosts and FUN people.

This is all I have to say for now.

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