Friday, October 2, 2015

Red Hat Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana

Wednesday, August 12 through Monday, August 17, 2015

I started off innocently enough with my husband driving me to El Paso to board a Southwest flight to Dallas, then to Indianapolis. We arrived safely in Indianapolis and I boarded a shuttle bus I had previously arranged with for transportation to the J.W. Marriott Hotel downtown. The driver was in a hurry (I guess) and was driving what seemed to me quite fast when he hit a back-up on the freeway. Unfortunately, I had selected the seat right behind the luggage rack and was actually unable to see what was happening up front. The driver stopped quite suddenly and I was slammed into the metal luggage rack, knocking me out, blacking my eye, spraining my ankle, bruising my shin bone and putting a huge bruise on my upper left arm. What a way to start a "FUN" convention.

When we arrived at the hotel, the driver said, "okay, everybody out." The woman who had helped me up with the assistance of a male passenger asked, "What are you going to do for this poor woman?" He had this dumbfounded look on his face and said, "What poor woman?" as he looked around. Finally seeing me asking, "My, God. What happened to you?" In the meantime, other passengers had gone into the hotel telling the front desk people about my predicament and one of them came out with a bag of ice to put on my eye. The driver had no kind of paperwork to report an incident so he called the office and they just told him to tell me if I needed to go to a doctor, they would pay for it. AND that was it.

As far as I know, it was a wonderful convention. I was suffering from a concussion and have memories here and there of what went on and I did get pictures at times. Indianapolis hospitality is among the top as far as I'm concerned. Everyone was so friendly and solicitous making me feel right at home.

There was some confusion on my room arrangements, but Marcy LaSalle got that all unravelled and I roomed with Judy Adams from Michigan. As it happened, I also sat with her and her chapter members at dinners and other events. My friend from Dallas, Gwyn Kelley was also at our table and it was so good to see her again.

Marilyn Cresci at the Hall of Fame Museum

This car built in 1938 was the consecutive winner in '39 and '40
An overview of the Hall of Fame Museum
Second from right is Marcy LaSalle
The Texas connection. Love the hats!
Farmer women in the Farmer's Village at the Indiana State Fair
This farmer lured unsuspecting Carla over with a promise of a taste of honey
Look at that bottle of moonshine hanging out the missing window
Indiana Red Hat chapters hosted a dinner at the fair and they were selling raffle tickets
Deb Granich and Emily Yost amazed at the size of the dairy cows udders
Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper and Judy Adams
These Red Hatters all looked so fabulous that I just had to photograph them
We were all waiting in the nursery to see this little guy nurse. He was just a few hours old.
Then it was time for all of us to load onto the tractor driven train to be in the Indiana State Fair Parade
Jo (Lady Cranberry) with Carla, the lady of the shiner
There was a huge response to the Chapter Flag Contest
And as well, the Derby Car Contest
This one right in front with "Always Discreet" as my sponsor was my entry
Sue Ellen in center conversing with other Red Hatters at the Museum
Our fearless leaders, Deb, Sue Ellen and Linda during opening program
Mr. Song presenting his hat creation to the August winner along with the other monthly hat winners leading up to the convention
Entertainment from cast of "Menopause the Musical"
Random shot of the crowd
Dear friend, Gwyn Kelley from Dallas at the Pajama Breakfast
Gloria Held, "Queen of Everything" from Michigan with tablemate at breakfast
Judy Adams "Queen of Jewels" also from Michigan
This gal wasn't bigger than a minute, but she sure had a grand time of it
The Red Hat Chorale entertains
Motivational Speaker and Comedienne, Dr. Maxine
My roommate, Judy Adams, ready to be officially crowned by Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper
Lady on left is dear friend Carla Rae from Canada at the Charm Exchange
There were 70 Red Hatters in attendance at the Charm Exchange. That's a load of charms!
Great shot of the powers that be and I believe the lady in lavender won an all paid convention for next year
EQM Sue Ellen presenting the painting she created to the winner of the raffle
L to R: Red Hatters of the Year, Marilyn, Mimi, Barbara, Too Too and 2015 winner is Flo Gaines most recently of Tampa, Florida, EQM Sue Ellen and  CEO Debra
The Marcels were quite good singing the golden oldies
This Mother & Daughter team of Red Hatters were always dressed to the nines for every event
The "Not quite ready for prime time players" always present a skit that is hilarious. The car is Emily Yost.
Too Too is a car, Barb is the oil can and Mimi is the announcer
And Marilyn is part of the skit, but what part?
Too Too always wears such outrageous hats and this is no exception!
Entertainment by the local Indianapolis Glee Club and they were great
The last event on Sunday evening was the Pirate Wenches Gone Wild Party
She said it was difficult to eat and drink with that moustache attached
Jan Lukas ever handy with her camera
Carla Rae of Canada
Random shot of attendees
Gwyn Kelley from Dallas
Again, the Texas connection. Loved their outrageous hats as well as the costumes
Marcy LaSalle on right giving out with her most serious pirate grimace
Judy Adams with her ghost ship hat creation
And a grand time was had by all. Arrrrgh!
I managed to pack and make it back to the airport in one piece. Had a long layover in Dallas and then finally made it to El Paso where Doug picked me up. By this time, my left leg, foot and ankle were swollen up like an elephant leg. He took one look and drove straight back to Alamogordo to the ER at the hospital. This was the first medical attention I had since the shuttle incident. They X-rayed my leg and this is when they discovered I had a sprained ankle. They put an Ace bandage on it and advised me to put ice on it 20 minutes out of every hour while keeping it elevated. It was so good to be home.

The International Red Hat Convention will be in San Antonio, Texas the last week of August, 2016 and I am registered and looking forward to a grand time.

This is all I have to say for now.

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