Friday, October 2, 2015

Miss Kitty's Hoedown in Durango, Colorado

Friday, August 21 through Monday, August 24, 2015

Miss Kitty's Social Club gathered in Durango, Colorado at the historic Strater Hotel for a fun filled weekend of Red Hatters just having fun. Donna Williams and I drove to Durango from Alamogordo, New Mexico for this weekend event. When we arrived and checked in, there was a get-acquainted cocktail party that evening including great hors d'oeuvres.

The next morning during a sumptious breakfast, Mayor Dean Brooke welcomed us to Durango. He is quite a handsome man, only 57 years old and single. You should have been there when this was announced to hear all the ooohs and aaaahs! Mayor Brooke is an architect by trade and has won numerous awards for his expertise in this field.

We were treated to a wagon ride around town, pulled by huge horses. The young woman tour guide on our wagon was carrying her baby in front in a sling and he was only two weeks old. They make their women tough in Colorado. She spoke of baling hay the day before she came to do the wagon event.

Their was plenty of time to roam around this historic area of town and Donna and I took full advantage. We had lunch in the Diamond Belle Saloon and went outside later to witness a shoot-out between two fine looking women on the street. They attracted quite a crowd and the results of their gunfight was unusual.

We modeled our old fashioned bloomers and attended breakfast the next morning after which we took a guided tour of the hotel. Part of the tour took us into the Strater Theatre where melodramas are performed usually on weekends. Miss Kitty's girls just about took over the hotel and people were astounded at our costumes and  gay spontaneity.

Friday night was Cowgirl Night and we all dressed in our western finest and went to dinner. After dinner, we were treated to a group telling stories and dancing the cancan. They were excellent entertainers and were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Saturday night was dress-up night and everyone was dressed to the nines in vintage costumes and hats.  After dinner, we walked next door to the theatre and were treated to a wonderful melodrama entitled "Guitar Strings, A Cowboy and a Lost Peacock", written by Sarah Syverson, directed by Scott Levy and produced by Rod Barker. It was a fantastic production and I believe everyone really enjoyed it.

On Monday we arose very early to eat breakfast and make our way to the Durango & Silverton Train Depot to take the train to Silverton, Colorado. What a beautifully scenic trip this was. Now I know why they call the mountains "Rocky" because rocks were certainly in abundance. We dined in Silverton at a nice restaurant, went shopping (the official sport of Red Hatters) and Donna bought a beautiful hat. It was a fabulous long weekend and one to be talked about for a long time.

The beautiful Strater Hotel in the historic district of Durango
Donna, taking a rest from our shopping and exploring
Carla, resting in front of this wonderful candy store. Of course we bought some.
Durango Mayor Dean Brooke whom I think was a bit overwhemed by the loud welcome he rceived
Mary Stopa (2nd from right) with her chapterettes
Touring the town
Carla and Donna taking the tour on the other wagon
Two cowgirls getting ready to have a shoot-out over a man
He is the man they are fighting over
Evidently, they decided he wasn't worth it
Walking away to fight another day
Mary Stopa on the left
Donna at the "Model Your Bloomers" Breakfast
Carla, relaxing in her bloomers outfit
Georgean  gave a tutorial about bloomers and how they came about
A mirror shot of the group
Carla, in her bloomer pose
A shot of the Strater Theatre. That is a depiction of an elevator in the corner.
Donna and Carla out exploring again when a kind man offered to photograph them.
Donna, making nice with a big cat sculpture
Fabulous creation by Janet Porn from Wyoming. She has a great story about this dress.
Donna and Carla looking radiant
Another group of lovely ladies
This gal was always beautiful in whatever she wore
Linda, looking stunning as usual
Georgean, the official photographer, in a lovely ensemble
The ever elegant Miss Kitty and Georgean
Carla with Miss Kitty looking spiffy in their vintage attire
Donna posing in her Saloon Girl costume-looking good
Carla, not quite ready for this shot
Georgean in her vintage costume
Lovely entertaining cancan dancers. So colorful and fun.
Cancan dancers in another pose
Donna in her cowgirl costume looking cute
I believe this was the contingent from California
The owner of the train greeted us saying he had heard that a certain Miss Kitty was aboard with a group of dance hall girls
The Conductor
Miss Kitty's group were all in one car
Fun passenger in middle of photo, Miss Donna
Shot of the train taken for me by Georgean as we went around a bend
Shot of the now infamous Animas River
I took hundreds of photos of the scenery, but in the interest of time and space, chose not to put them all in the blog. It was a fabulous event and I highly recommend going to Durango for a fun fun weekend to any and all. The Strater Hotel is beautifully appointed and the town is filled with friendly people. The train ride was indescribably fantastic.

This is all I have to say for now.


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