Thursday, June 25, 2015

Auditions for Fall Fundraiser at Theatre on the Hill

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A number of people attended auditions for six short plays by Alamogordo, New Mexico playwrights that will be showcased as a fundraiser for the Theatre on the Hill Guild on August 28-30, 2015. Attendees read through each play with parts assigned by Connie Breding, NMSU Drama Professor. The plays are: Social Insecurity, Mal's Practice and Search for Rosie's Balls all three by Robert Trowbridge, And Come Back a Star by Joylyn Mercouris, Seventeen Minutes by Carolyn Dittmer and One-Hundred and Two Stories by Carla C Crittenden (Kerr).

Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the level of the plays and came to a common conclusion that this Fall Fundraiser will be a grand success. The first auditions were held on Friday, June 19, 2015 at which several new people attended and added to the excitement of the play readings.

Be sure to mark your calendars to attend. The Guild needs your support and the actors need your enthusiasm as an audience. You will not be disappointed!

There will also be a Silent Auction during the production and, if you are reading this and have something you would like to donate for the auction, call Carla Kerr, guild president, at 921-6218 and she will be happy to pick up your donation.

Douglas A. Kerr, Photographer took random shots during the audition as people got into each character.

Monica Helm intently listening. No audition is complete without Monica!
Viviane Ackall, Guild member and supporter as well as mother of a couple of budding actors
Scott is an excellent musician and always ready to add to the production
Connie Breding addressing the group and Robert Trowbridge, playwright/actor
Eli Holmes, actor/singer
Victoria Kennedy and her brother, Jeremiah Crosby, well known thespians
Mia Rascon, most recently played Tolly in "Tolly and Pat" Spring Production 2015
Jeremiah and Gavin reading a play
Victoria reading a part
Deep concentration by actors
Aaron Palmer, also last cast in "Tolly and Pat" this Spring
Alan Gonzales, most recently in "Tolly and Pat" and "Chaos at the Concert"
Mia reading while Carla looks on
Carolyn Dittmer, actor/writer/journalist
A pensive Carla C Crittenden (Kerr), author, playwright/actor
You can tell by the photos that auditioning is quite informal and comfortable. Anyone thinking of trying out for a role should not be afraid of jumping in and giving it their best. This theatre group is helpful to everyone in their endeavors, friendly and positive, plus Connie Breding is one of the best drama teachers to learn under. She is understanding, positive and talented in her position and you will grow under her direction. Dedication and determination are the watchwords for a beginner. So, come on down the next time there is an audition call.

Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photographer.

This is all I have to say for now.

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