Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Club of PCWNC Hosts Presenter Carla Kerr

November 14, 2013

Parker County Women's and Newcomers' Club Book Club in Weatherford, Texas were treated to a "Living Historical Perspective" of Douglas Brinkley's book, "The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade to Save America" presented by Carla Kerr in the persona of Edith Carow Roosevelt, TR's second wife.

Carla was dressed in 1890's attire which added interest to the presentation. Beginning, she explained that she as Edith, would call Theodore Roosevelt "TR" out of respect for his great dislike for the name "Teddy" because he thought it too unmanly.

Edith and TR were playmates and were always together right up through High School. TR went off to college and fell in love with a perky blonde named Alice Hathaway Lee and married her as soon as he graduated.

AND, the story goes on from there. It is not a short perspective, the difficulty being that the book contains 817 pages of reading plus maps, charts and lists of TR's accomplishments.  It took many rewrites to hone the presentation down to one hour and yet keeping it interesting and provocative.

Carla, ready for her "perspective" presentation
L to R: Kathryn Linde, Mary Evans and Diana Gary
Loretta Hale and Clare Lucera
L to R: Book Club Chair Opal Dale,  Hostess Lynde Lentz and Loretta Hale
L to R: Opal Dale, Lynda Lentz and Loretta Hale
Gail Simco and Virginia Presnell
Carolyn Pierel and Barbara Farley
Patti Lankford
Thanks to Virginia Presnell for photographing the whole group
Hostess Lynda Lentz outdid herself with wonderful snacks and everyone enjoyed visiting afterward.

For anyone interested in engaging a speaker for their organization, I do historical perspectives of people, places and events and would enjoy hearing from you. My email address is: or call at 575-921-6218. The fee is $125 unless there is extensive travel involved.

This is all I have to say for now.

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