Monday, August 20, 2012

Red Hat Society Meet & Greet

Now that the travelogue is completed, I can return to writing about life in general around here. After moving to Alamogordo, New Mexico, I discovered they have no Red Hat Chapters so I determined to reintroduce Red Hatting to the area. First, I registered my new Red Hat Chapter with Hatquarters in California, "New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter," and my royal name which is Queen Ladybird.

My first event was a Meet and Greet held at White Sands Shopping Mall. I posted the event on the Community Calendar in the newspaper that ran for several days. On Thursday before the event I received a call from Sunny Arias resulting in my being invited to co-host her radio show, "47JFF" that when broken down means New Mexico is the 47th state to join the union and JFF is "Just For Fun". Sunny talks about all the events going on not only in Alamogordo, but across the state as well. She saw my event posted in the newspaper and called me. It was wonderful to have this opportunity to let people know about the Red Hat Society. A huge thanks to Sunny and radio station KRSY 1230 AM.

Carla at KRSY 1230 AM

Mall Manager Bob Evans was so kind to arrange for tables and chairs set-up for the Meet and Greet. Not much happened for an hour and they all came at once. It was exciting to meet these women and tell them all about the Red Hat Society. Some were familiar while others had no information at all about us. My husband, Doug, was a great help in getting women to stop to talk to me. He was talking to women as they walked by and he had a line that went something like this, "Hello. Are you a Red Hatter?" They, of course, answered with a no and he would say, "Well, you sure look like a Red Hatter. Come and meet my wife and she'll tell you all about it." I got two new members that day through his help.

We went from a chapter of one (me) to six and are looking forward to adding many more. If you are reading this blog and you live anywhere near Alamogordo, New Mexico please email me: and I'll be happy to give you all the information on the Red Hat Society.

Carla Kerr all set up for the RHS Meet & Greet

This is Penny, the first founding member of my chapter

Meet Winnie, a new founding member from La Luz

Carla telling the "Herstory" of the Red Hat Society

Winnie, Penny, Nancy (undecided) and Dorothy registering

Rosa and Ann learning about the RHS from Carla. Rosa is a new member.

There is also another member, Linda, who slipped in and out before we could get a picture. We now have plans to visit the new historical museum in Tularosa and to dine at Casa de SueƱos that day. Next is the Balloon, Wine and Music Festival. The end of September we are going to the White Oaks Ghost Town and visit their museum in the old school house and have lunch at the No Scum Allowed Saloon. In October we are planning to visit the Trinity Site which is only open to the public twice yearly. Then later in October we are joining the Tulie Roses Red Hat Chapter for a Halloween Costume Party and pot luck dinner. This is just a sampling of things to come because Red Hatting is all about having FUN.

Thanks to Doug for the photography.

This is all I have to say for now.

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