Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Anatomy of a Red Hat Hoot

This all started when Hatquarters in California announced a World Wide Hoot and since we have over 80,000 members in 37 countries, the designation "World Wide" is quite appropriate. Jean Averett, Ambassador and Queen of the Desert Darlings in Las Cruces, New Mexico, began to think of spearheading a Hoot for all the Red Hatters in the state of New Mexico. She decided that Ruidoso Downs Race Track and Casino would be a great place for a Hoot and named it "A Mountain Hoot." She connected with Ambassador Pam Williams, Queen of the A.L.I.E.N.S (Awesome Ladies In Every Nationality) of Roswell, New Mexico and they began planning the event and contacting Queens around New Mexico. As time neared for the actual event, Jean sent out press releases to many newspapers around New Mexico advertising the Hoot.

In the meantime Ambassador Carla Kerr, Queen Ladybird of New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter, had moved to Alamagordo, New Mexico, registering her new chapter shortly after moving. Jean contacted her and the trio was formed for hosting the Hoot which took place on August 11, 2012.

L to R: Pam Williams, Jean Averett and Carla Kerr
The definition of a "HOOT" is a gathering of Red Hatters at a predesignated venue. Once each has signed in and preliminaries handled such as "goodie bags and door prizes" or whatever the hosts devise, each is free to shop, dine, gamble or whatever the venue affords.

Eric Alvarez, Director of Marketing for the race track, set up sign-in tables covered with red linen cloths as well as chairs and we were all ready when Red Hatters started arriving. Each attendee received a goodie bag containing items donated by various Chambers of Commerce and Visitor Centers around New Mexico. Also each received a door prize drawing ticket. Door prizes were donated by the hosts and by Red Hatter Ladybug Lou from her collectibles shop in Ruidoso. Door prizes were joyfully claimed and exclaimed over.

Pam has the voice that can be heard calling the door prize ticket winners
L to R: Desert Darlings,  Nancy Phillips and Catharine Powers, door prize winners
Barbara Farley and Jeannine Colley, prize winners for coming longest distance from Weatherford, Texas
Kim Gugliotta of the Red Hat Mountain Merrymakers, Cloudcroft, NM/Tucson, AZ  Isn't her bra hat magnificent?
"Do you think she'll ever call our numbers?"
Feather fell to the floor and someone yelled, "Hey, she's molting!"
This is serious business figuring out what horse to bet on.
You can tell who the players are. They are marking their racing forms.
 Red Hatters came from El Paso and Weatherford, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; Alamogordo, Capitan, Cloudcroft, Las Cruces, Pinos Altos, Roswell and Silver City, New Mexico totaling 43 in attendance. Fifteen chapters represented were: BAAD Hatters, Betty Boop Divas, Betty Boop Red Hatters, Desert Darlings, FANTASTIC Red Hatters of Capitan, Hippie Dippy Red Hatters, New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter, Original Hot Toddy Doo Dahs, Red Hat A.L.I.E.N.S, Red Hat Belles, Red Hat Katz, Red Hat Mountain Merrymakers, Red Hot Rebels, The Red Hat Rockers and Wild West Women of Weatherford. It proved to be a terrific venue because there was casino gambling, race track betting, good food and a lovely gift shop available for our favorite sport, "Shopping." Judi Rodriguez won $72 on a $2.40 bet on one race and was thrilled. We didn't hear any screaming coming from the casino so we don't know what happened there.

Many found their way into Billy's Restaurant and Bar to have lunch. The murals on the wall prove too tempting and before you know it, we are moving tables and chairs to take more pictures.

Queen Sassy Prickle Pear (Jean Averett) of Desert Darlings standing in middle with chapter members
Holding the sign, Queen Pam Williams with her Red Hat A.L.I.E.N.S
Queen Curvy aka Kim Gugliotta of Red Hat Mountain Merrymakers

Back Row: Barbara Farley and Jeannine Colley from Weatherford, TX
Front Row: Rosa Rico Fernandez and Carla Kerr of New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter, Alamogordo

 Waiting to go to the Queens Meet and Greet

Judi Rodriguez aka Queen Katt of the Red Hat Katz of Las Cruces couldn't resist the butt pat!

Red Hatters discussing their door prizes

One last shot before they go in for the Queens Meet and Greet

We really tried hard to get everyone in one picture or another!

A brief Meet and Greet of all Queens in attendance took place in Billy's Restaurant and Club afterward, where we took the opportunity to become better acquainted. We three Ambassadors are looking forward to planning more events to put Red Hatting on the map in New Mexico!

One sad note: Although quite ill, The Red Hat Rockers member Bobbie Hendershot insisted on coming to the Hoot with her daughter, Vice Queen Mary Convery. She sat in a chair most of the time near the sign-in table happily taking in the whole scene. Sadly, Bobbie passed away August 15, 2012, a dedicated Red Hatter to the end. Rest in peace, Bobbie.

Bobbie Hendershot of the Red Hat Rockers of Pinos Altos, NM

Thanks to Jean Averett and Kim Gugliotta for helping with the photography.

This is all I have to say for now.

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