Sunday, June 26, 2011

Red Hat Society World Wide Hoot

Princess Lele, Red Hat Lady, (Sassy Sam of Les Angels Purpel')
and Queen of Gaudy Gabigail,
all of Wild West Women of Weatherford

Princess LeLe of Eagle Mountain on a safe mount!

Queen Rowdy Red of the Les Angels Purpel' of Azle, Texas

June 25, 2011

Several members of Wild West Women of Weatherford Red Hat Chapter drove to The Fort Worth Stockyards to take part in the Red Hat Society World Wide Hoot with over 100 other Red Hatters from across the state of Texas.

These ladies are from the Houston, Texas area
and they are all about show biz!

They were just too cute not to get a close up shot!

Queen Rowdy Red, Queen Madame MaryCay of Diamond
Divas 10, Princess Lele of Wild West Women and others

Isn't this a beautiful specimen of a Looong Horn?

We met and greeted many Red Hatters, shopped and watched the cattle drive consisting of Looong Horn Steers and handsome cowboys on horses as well as one female (hurrah!) drover. It really frightened me after I got home and looked at my photos realizing how close I was to those horns.

These lawmen were a fun group!

Carla Kerr, National Ambassador getting into the spirit of the Hoot

How to you think Queen Rowdy Red looks with a blond mustache?

She's sporting purple balloon long horns!

We even interacted with some good looking gun slingers and a balloon making clown who made fabulous long horns out of balloons. The glitz and bling was readily apparent to all who approached us as we mixed and mingled.

They just don't get any glitzier or blingier than this lovely lady!

We hope all the Red Hatters around the world had as much fun as we did on Red Hat Society World Wide Hoot Day. We're looking forward to next year already.

This is all I have to say for now.

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