Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day May 31, 2010

We tuned our radio to WRR-FM radio in Dallas this morning because they always play wonderfully patriotic music on days like this. We were not disappointed; everything from America The Beautiful to Sousa Marches.

I spent most of the day writing. My second book is tentatively titled "Cherokee Wanderings" and is loosely woven around the lives of my great great grandparents, Aaron Crittenden and Linny Catcher. This book is directed at middle school age children since there is apparently a dearth of books for this age group. I'm only into 45 pages at this point. They are traveling in a covered wagon, destination Indian Territory around Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma. They are newly married and Linny is 4 months pregnant. Linny is Aaron's second wife, his first one, namely Martha, having died of pneumonia while Aaron was fighting in the Indian Home Guard for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Linny is only 19, quite willful and high spirited. Aaron is 25 and maturely set in his thinking. They started out on this trek traveling straight south from Sturgeon, Missouri. Linny was not thrilled to leave Sturgeon and they have some interesting adventures along the way. Stay tuned.

Just received an email from Alicia in the PCWNC informing me that another lady in the organization, Gayla, took her new puppy outside last night around 9 o'clock for his last outing before bedtime. As she stepped off the patio onto the grass, she stepped on a copperhead snake. When it bit her, she twisted her ankle as she fell, injuring her shoulder as well. She went to the ER in Azle, Texas where they began anti-venom medication and apparently they are keeping her there until tomorrow just to be sure she is okay. Keep her in your prayers. There have been several warnings on TV about an over abundance of snakes this year due to all the rain. Beware!

This all I have to say for now.

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