Friday, July 27, 2018

Alamogordo, New Mexico Sponsors "Hula and Homicide" Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Friday, July 13, 2018

The city of Alamogordo, New Mexico engaged the acting troupe of the Guild to write, produce and direct a murder mystery dinner theater event at the Willie Estrada Civic Center on First Street.

Employees of the city decorated and set up for the event including providing a caterer and DJ DIGUMSMAK. Decorations included the semblance of a huge tree in the middle of the room, various scenes set up along the walls providing photographic opportunities, an area for the Hoola Hoop contest and one for the Limbo Stick contest. DIGUMSMAK kept appropriate music going for an island luau and many attendees wore costumes adding to the over all ambience. At the entry to the event, a roasted pig is on a large platter surrounded by melons with island designs carved in them with flower petals strewn about.

Food provided by the caterer was quite delicious and filling. On the menu was pulled pork, roasted vegetables, coconut pudding and fruit cup. The city also provided a bar and bartender and there ensued a happy hour from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. However, the bar was open until 10:00 pm.

The premise of the Murder Mystery is that a cruise ship has engine problems and had to put into port for repairs. People were allowed to debark and explore the area. There is a beach carnival of sorts going on underwritten by Eunice "Lovey" and Thurston Howell III. They invited the somewhat  discomfited cruise patrons to come to the carnival to experience some island hospitality.

Both the Hoola Hoop and Limbo Stick contests were well attended and prizes relating to the occasion were awarded to the winners. Prizes were also awarded for the best costumes and of course for those who solved the murder or came close.

There were fifteen actors involved in "Hula and Homicide". One of the most popular booths was the fortune teller, Madame Knowsitall aka Jan Wafful. When the event was over there was still a line waiting for their fortune to be revealed.

Seven writers met at various times to put this Murder Mystery together and had a really FUN time doing it. They are Connie Breding, Roque Rosales, Mary Cobb, JD and Steph Hilliard, Carla Kerr and Andrea Garcia. Kudos for a terrific job of creating this play and to Connie for taking our writing and tweaking it here and there.

Special thanks to JD Hilliard who quite ably stepped into the role of co-director due to Connie Breding having a previous engagement that evening.  JD kept the whole event running smoothly and timely.

The exact number of attendees is not to be had at this station, but it was certainly over 125 and more tables had to be set up as people came in later. It was apparent that people really enjoyed the event and really got into the island atmosphere.

Attendee definitely into the island theme, Trudy Reese

Attendee Darla Shelly. Doesn't she look lovely!
L to R: Thurston Howell III aka Doug Kerr, JD Hilliard aka Willy Wipeout and Kathy Barnes aka Linda Lava
A table of happy attendees. Looks like they've overcome their chagrin at being unexpectedly stranded on this island.
A shot of the room overall
Heather Evans aka Sandy Beach with her two sons
An earlier shot of the "tree".
L to R: Willy Wipeout, Linda Lava, Ellie Mauger aka Wanda Waves holding a hoola hoop and Gabe Mauger aka Todd Tycoon
Carla Kerr aka Eunice "Lovey" Howell and Tina Lawhorn aka Rachel Rainbow
Mandy Neilson aka Kiki Kalua
What luau would be complete without a roasted pig?
Our excellent DJ DIGUMSMAK

Keddy Richardson aka Wowie Maui
Andrea Garcia aka Lula Hula with Wowie Maui
Attendee Gail Swineford
L to R: Kiki Kalua, Mary Cobb aka Leilani Lei and Wanda Waves
Eunice Howell greeting attendees
Attendees getting their fortune told by Jan Wafful aka Madame Knowsitall
Attendees sharing information on how to solve the murder
Wanda Waves
Contestants in the Hoola Hoop Contest
Attendees enjoying the festivities
Willy Wipeout explaining the rules of the Limbo Stick Contest
Wanda Waves showing them how it's done
Wowie Maui giving it a try
This is the lady who eventually won the Limbo Contest
This young lady won second place
This is the murder victim found on the beach, Michael MaGoo, owner of the Big Kahuna Development Company and highly disliked by a number of people.
The line-up at the fortune teller booth keeps growing!
An Alamogordo family takes advantage of a photo op
Eunice Howell answers questions from attendees who are trying to solve the murder of Michael MaGoo
Madame Knowsitall answering questions from attendees
Actors being introduced by Willy Wipeout far left. L to R: Kiki Kalua, Linda Lava, Rachel Rainbow, Wanda Waves, Todd Tycoon, Patrick McDonald aka Detective Dan-O, Sandy Beach, Leilani Lei, Wowie Maui, Eunice Howell and Lulu Hula. Missing are Thurston Howell III, Roque Rosales aka Looney Lou and Madame Knowsitall who is still telling fortunes.
Attendees with their newborn
Gail and Trudy, Costume Prize Winners with Eunice Howell
Another lovely attendee
Thurston Howell III with his wife Eunice "Lovey" Howell
This was such a FUN experience. Thanks to all who came and participated in our Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. We have plans to do another one in October based on "The Phantom of the Opera" so be watching for the announcements.

This is all I have to say for now.

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