Sunday, May 27, 2018

Carla Kerr Visits Family in Texas

April 30 - May 8, 2018 Carla visits family and friends in Texas

When we returned from the 20th Anniversary Red Hat Cruise, I immediately unpacked, did laundry and prepared food for my husband, Doug before flying to Fort Worth, Texas to visit my brother, diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer. While there, I visited with my son, Russ and daughter, Lynne. I also got acquainted with my 12th great grandchild, 6 month-old Alison Cromwell. One day, I even ventured over to Weatherford, Texas to have lunch with sister Red Hatters, Anna Colley and Barbara Farley.

I mostly stayed at my son's home in Springtown, Texas where he has a delightful Vokswagen Tiguan that he put at my disposal to get around in. I really like this vehicle! I hope you enjoy this pictorial depiction of my visit.

Russ has the most amazing magnet collection depicting his travels
I couldn't resist taking this picture of a photo of my granddaughter, Tiffany (Russ' daughter) who is now 27 years old
Another photo L to R: Jim Render (deceased), Russ, Grandson Drew and daughter Lynne Render on the Render fishing boat in the bay
This is the hat Russ wears when he is riding his lawnmower on the back 40
Grammy Carla getting acquainted with her 12th great grandchild, Alison Cromwell
Pops (Russ), Alison and Grammy
Alison, Pops and her daddy, Wes Cromwell
At 6 months old, Alison loves to walk on her tippy toes like a ballerina
Pops watches while Alison tries on Grammy's Red Hat
Carla with daughter, Lynne
Carla and Lynne in Lynne's backyard
Lynne and Russ
Wesley, holding our little papoose
Carla with kid brother, Wesley Cason
My brother, Wesley who will be 73 in December
L to R: Anna Colley, Carla Kerr and Barbara Farley, Red Hatters all
I couldn't resist going to our former home in Weatherford to take a picture of the pecan tree I planted about ten years ago. It has thrived well!
Carla, playing darts on Lynne's patio
Lynne, sitting at her slot machine that you never have to put money into
Lynne and Carla wearing our Kentucky Derby hats
Carla on the Tri-cycle
Lynne, mowing her Uncle Wesley's yard
Wes decided he felt like helping and he's trying to get the weed eater started
I even helped by sweeping the porch and walkway
I tried to get a shot of Russ' guinea hens. Isn't this an adorable two-story cage!
This is a better shot of them.
It was a great visit and Wes and I had some time to reminisce and make new memories. The report is now that he may still be with us when I return for my 80th Birthday Party celebration. Lynne and Russ are hosting this at her house on August 11, 2018 at 2:00PM. If you know me, you will probably be receiving an invitation and I hope to see as many friends and relatives as possible.

This is all I have to say for now.

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