Monday, September 4, 2017

Alamogordo Red Hatters Dine at Spaghetti Western

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Twelve members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society along with three husbands in tow, gathered at the new Spaghetti Western Pizza Restaurant in the White Sands Mall in Alamogordo, New Mexico for lunch and just for FUN. Really it is to support the young man who has just opened Spaghetti Western in the Mall having moved here from High Rolls, New Mexico just a few miles up the mountain from Alamogordo. We normally get together twice a month, but after our conversation in White Oaks, New Mexico the Saturday before, we decided we needed to support this young man's establishment.

We had such a grand time visiting and talking to people as they passed by. The food was wonderful and I believe it was probably the biggest day his business has ever had. We were situated out in the Mall at tables, but the inside of the restaurant was also filled with customers so he was almost overwhelmed. At any rate everyone got served, the food was delicious and we are hopeful he will be able to solve his problem of no one wanting to work on weekends. With so many people out of work, there just has to be someone who is willing to work on weekends. We are so much in need of good restaurant food here and we want him to succeed!

When the pizza came, it was served on a large rack in the middle of the table, an absolutely lovely presentation and the pizza was huge. I took our table mates up on the offer of tasting their "Islander" pizza (pineapple on it) and it was delicious.

The delightful Karen Townsend

Karen's charming husband, Eddie, and he wore Red Hat colors he found at a resell shop.
Gail Swineford looking quite pleased with her fine self
Lu Mattson looking perky
Alice Johnston-Evans celebrating her second wedding anniversary by joining us
L to R: Eddie, the handsome sailor Evans, also celebrating second wedding anniversary with Alice, and Karen
Gail and Alice
L to R: Trudy Reese, Darla Shelley our birthday girl, Rosanna Heath and VQ Donna Williams
L to R: Carla with back to camera, Gail, Eddie, Karen and Lu
L to R: Bobbie Tanner, Margie Purcella and Jan Jennings
L to R: Gail with back to camera, Eddie, Karen, Lu and Carla
This is a friend, Jean, who stopped by. She wears hats all the time, but can't get her into Red Hatting for some reason.
Doug and I both came home and took naps. Between the breakfast and this, we were ready for a rest. It was really a lot of FUN anyway. Sorry I didn't get a picture of Doug to show here!

Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photography for taking all the great pictures.

This is all I have to say for now.

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