Tuesday, September 27, 2016

International Red Hat Society Convention in San Antonio, Texas

August 24-28, 2016
Approximately 1200 Red Hatters convened at the Marriott Hotel River Center in San Antonio, Texas for a week of pure FUN. Women were in attendance from around the world and had a wonderful time renewing old friendships and making new ones. With so many members, many of them being in 31 countries, one never knows who they will become playmates with.

The theme this year was Remember the A La Mode and everyone was encouraged to eat dessert first. The stunning serapes, sombreros and colorful Mexican dresses just added to the excitement of being there.

Carla Kerr aka Queen Ladybird ready for FUN
Returning to hotel from dinner, we discovered this highly decorated car belong to some Red Hatter
Barbara Farley and Anna Colley, dear friends from Weatherford, Texas
International Vice Queen Linda Murphy listening intently to another Red Hatter
The lovely lady with the Luke Song artist palette hat is none other than our Esteemed Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper
The Ambassador gathering at convention. That's Jean Everett from Las Cruces on the left.
Red Hatters enjoying a river boat dinner cruise
A lovely waterfall on the river boat ride
A sampling of the tourists dining at river side

Table Hostess Carla waiting to enter the ballroom to decorate her table
Table 52 (Carla's table) had a lovely group of ladies from Maryland, Hawaii, Illinois, San Antonio and New Mexico
L to R: Kathy Willis, Ginny Klinedinst and Lynn Hicks
L to R: ? San Antonio, Clionel Stewart and Pamela Hendricksen
Left is Kathy Willis from Maui and Ginny Klinedinst from Maryland
One of our San Antonio sisters with an Alamo hat on her head
These hats are just too cute.
Myrna Pascal (Kween) and Kathy Willis (Foxy Vice Kween) of the Valley Isle Vixins from Maui, Hawaii
Some of the world famous Folkloric Dancers from San Antonio, Texas
L to R: CEO Deb Granich, Esteemed Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper and Vice Queen Linda Murphy
Dear friend from Dallas, Texas, Gwyn Kelley looking fiesta ready
Don't they look fabulous with those huge flowered hats!
Couldn't pass up taking a shot of this beautiful lady
This lady sported her Eiffel Tower hat at the Paris Fashion Night
Lovely friend, Carla Rae, from Canada
Pink Hatter and Red Hatter Mother/Daughter Duo always dress to the nines
Just had to show you how lovely this hat is
That's Marilyn Cresci from Tucson, Arizona on the left on Paris Fashion Night
Left is Jeanie, my roommate from last year in Indianapolis
L to R: Myrna, Kathy with Sharon Malecki
Pamela and Myrna
Lynn and Ginny
Carla in her reversed colors for her birthday month of August
Clione and Pamela
Entries in the stick horse decorating contest
Carla with a true Texas Long Horn Steer out at the Ranch
Marilyn Cresci is in that second rocker on the porch of the ranch house
Two Red Hat sisters I met a couple of years ago
A cowboy announcing the Armadillo Races
They are about to let their Armadillos loose
We are now at the coffee cup exchange early on Saturday morning
You had to be blonde or have a cowboy hat on to have a chance at a prize in this line-up
Joann certainly gets excited taking a selfie with Queen Too Too
Tickets were drawn for winners of these fabulous NYC shopping bags loaded with door prizes
Lady with a fabulous butterfly hat at the Social Butterflies event on Sunday
Pirate Pat Rose with Pirate Wench Carla at the Wenches Gone Wild Pirate Party at the Menger Hotel
The convention was so much fun and the only negative note is that a TSA agent removed my extra camera battery and charger from my carry-on luggage without even telling me about it so my camera was dead by the time I got to the Wenches Gone Wild Pirate Party so only got one picture that someone else took.

We are going to NYC in February 2017 for our "Hats in the City" themed International Red Hat Convention. Yes, I am registered to attend and can't wait to be in the Big Apple again. If I got the wrong names on the pictures, just send me an email. There were so many of us and my memory isn't what it used to be!

Thanks to everyone at Hatquarters for working so hard on this convention in San Antonio "Remember the A La Mode". All of you deserve a standing ovation for giving us such a grand time filled with FUN and laughter.

This is all I have to say for now.

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