Friday, January 29, 2016

Soules Challenging Pearce for U.S. House Seat

January 24, 2016 Alamogordo, New Mexico

The Democratic Party of Otero County welcomed Merrie Lee Soules, candidate for New Mexico's Second District in the U.S. House of Representatives, at Margo's Restaurant.

Merrie Lee gave some information about herself which shows her to be definitely ready and able to assume this position as Congresswoman for NM District 2.

She received her Electrical Engineering degree from Cleveland State University going on from there to receive her Master's in Business Administration from Harvard University. She worked at General Motors for over 20 years in executive positions of Chief Engineer, Director of Public Planning, Global Pricing Director, and Reliability and Quality Assurance Manager. Merrie Lee said that her experience at GM included leading global initiatives valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. She retired in 2007, returned to Las Cruces and worked part time at the White Sands Missile Range as a contractor. She participated in the El Paso Electric Public Advisory Process after losing her race for the Public Regulation Commission in 2014 by only 128 votes.

Merrie Lee said, "I am running for Congress to restore trust, accountability and public access to government for every person living in Southern New Mexico" adding, "that an increase in economic inequality and an overall weakening of our democracy also prompted her decision to run."

"Voter turnout in New Mexico has been near the bottom. This fact is most urgent--most important" she said. "People confide in me that their government has sold them out, turned their backs on them, and that their vote doesn't count. I can change this."

Merrie Lee says she knows it will be hard work, noting the congressional district's massive size. It is the largest district in New Mexico and the second largest district in the U.S. excluding districts which are an entire state. She says, "I want to be in every part of the district. I'm going to go early. I'm going to go often and I'm going to connect with the people."

Merrie Lee Soules is the sister of State Sen. Bill Soules, D-Las Cruces.

Merrie Lee Soules asking for your vote
Nadia Sikes, Chair of the Democratic Party of Otero County
Jeff Swanson talking with Merrie Lee's Campaign Treasurer Mary Ann Hendrikson after he recognized that he had served with her in the military in Omaha, Nebraska
Nadia and Merrie Lee exchanging ideas
Some Otero Democrats with Merrie Lee
There were about 40 people in attendance

Another shot of Mary Ann, campaign treasurer
If you are tired of the lackadaisical representation by Pearce, Merrie Lee Soules is well educated and a person of integrity and grit. She will get things done for the people in Southern New Mexico.  Give her some serious thought and vote for her for a better future. You will be seeing Merrie Lee all around Southern New Mexico so watch for her.

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