Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Red Hatters Enjoy Arts and Crafts Day

July 25, 2015

Red Hat Society members of the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter gathered at the home of Carmen Veenpere to engage in some serious arts and crafts projects. Decorating hats was primary, but there were other projects that garnered a lot of attention as well.

The girls created every type of hat imaginable and they were each completely different. Dorothy Edwards kindly brought her cutting mat and roll cutter for Queen Carla to make a fringed eternity scarf from a Tshirt. After she made one, Alice was so intrigued that she began cutting them for whoever wanted one. Also available were wooden counter top towel holders painted red and Queen Carla had one all finished as a hat rack lovely enough to set on your dresser with your loveliest Red Hat on it.

Members brought salads and desserts to go with pizza ordered for lunch where much lively conversation abounded.

It was noted that one of our former members, Esperanza Duken, had passed as related by another member. Esperanza had dropped out due to illness. When her death was reported to Hatquarters, they commented that she would be added to the Red Hat Chapter of Angels.

Alice cutting a fringed infinity scarf from a tee shirt while our hostess, Carmen, looks on
New member, Flo discussing some ideas in this book with Margie
Members hard at work creating their hats
Margie manning the hot glue gun
Lu in a side shot of her creation
The lovely Lu in a portrait pose
Dorothy E. found some flowers she liked for her hat
This is Margie's magical creation. She loves changing up her hat look.
A shot of the top of Margie's hat
And, here we have the back of Magie's fanciful hat
In the meantime, Alice is still making infinity scarves and is now wearing one

Time to introduce "Hattie" the hatrack
Queen Carla with her newly created friend, Hattie
Margaret with her delightful creation
And Margaret's hat from the back
Gail modeling her hat creation
Gail's very girly hat from the back
L to R: Dorothy E. receiving instruction on her hat from Margie and Darla
Heeeer's Alice with her latest infinity scarf created for Dorothy E.
Flo helping Donna with the hot glue gun
Dorothy E. modeling her newly created hat and her infinity scarf
Dorothy E.'s lovely creation from the side
VQ Donna with her first creation-just adorable
Darla looking radiant in her new hat
VQ Donna with yet another hat that is not quite finished
Table set for our lunch in Carmen's beautiful dining room
One could call this "The Line-up"
As one can see, there was an abundance of salads and desserts to be enjoyed
This is Trudy's darling creation. However, must apologize for the shot. Camera went haywire.
As you can surmise from the pictures, everyone had a grand time creating, gluing and cutting along with  eating the wonderful food we always have at these events. This chapter has a plethora of excellent cooks.

Thanks to Carmen for hosting the group in her beautiful home. There was ample room to spread out and plugs at every turn for hot glue guns, etc. etc. I can proudly say this event was a creative success.

This is all I have to say for now.

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