Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Chaos at the Concert"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Drama 105 Class at New Mexico State University-Alamogordo, directed by Drama Professor Connie J. Breding, presented an Interactive Murder Mystery Event  written by Ms. Breding as well. Act I begins in the university Campus Deli and Cafe (Route 55 Cafe) where Melvis Priestly (early cousin of Elvis Presley) is presiding over a dinner with a 50's style menu for his entourage as well as the president of the local Melvis Fan Club and a fan who won a drawing to have dinner with Melvis. The time is a nice spring evening in Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1955.

When the dinner is finished, the group travels across the campus to the Rohovec Theatre where the concert is held and quite an audience is in attendance.  In Act II Melvis entertains as only he can, singing some great songs and giving out with that "Melvis Move" that he perfected long before Elvis.  As he is finishing one song, he suddenly becomes desperately ill and falls to the stage.

In Act III, students of the EMS Class arrive in their ambulance to tend Melvis and eventually put him on a gurney and take him to IHOSP, the international hospital in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Students from Criminal Justice arrive to place the crime scene tape and to interrogate everyone who is involved with Melvis trying to ascertain who might want to harm him. Word comes back from the hospital that our beloved Melvis is deceased declaring him to have been murdered and everyone is screaming and crying. Incidentally, the officer does solve the crime through his questioning which was amazing to everyone because he had no idea who the culprit was until he started his investigation.  He was so thorough in his questioning that he just might do very well in a drama class along with his Criminal Justice studies.

This was primarily an improvisational group doing whatever came to mind that would keep the show moving and interesting and the group did an outstanding job of this. "Chaos at the Concert" was well received by the audience.

The cast is as follows:

Melvis Priestly (Spencer Bond); Sergeant Kernal Carparker (Doug Kerr); Missi Carparker (Carla Kerr); Nancy N. Icegurl (Victoria Kennedy); Kathy Allgood (Miranda Denetdale); Ima Bea Badd (Caymen Rogers); Patty Server (Wanda Wakkinen); Jock Strappe (Jeremiah Crosby); Samuel "Snoopy" RePortier (Gavin Kainulainen); Brawny Bonecrusher (Alan Gonzales); and Norman "Nerdy" McNerdal (Cliff Courvoisier).

L to R: Kernal Carparker (Doug Kerr), Nancy N. Icegurl (Victorial Kennedy), Melvis Priestly (Spencer Bond), Kathy Allgood (Miranda Denetdale), and Missi Carparker (Carla Kerr) at the dinner

A group of people waiting for their food to be picked up
Ima Bea Badd (Caymen Rogers) the towns wild child
Norman "Nerdy" McNerdal (Cliff Courvoisier) with his back to us, L to R: Brawny Bonecrusher (Alan Gonzales), Jock Strappe (Jeremiah Crosby), and Patty Server (Wanda Wakkinen). Patty is chastising Jock because he keeps picking on Nerdy.
Nancy N. Icegurl (Victoria Kennedy) welcoming everyone to the Melvis dinner
Missi looking concerned because Melvis doesn't have his coke and hamburger yet
L to R: Nancy, Melvis and Kathy in discussion about the fact that Kathy just can't believe she is sitting at the table with Melvis, her idol. She said she only entered the contest on a whim and when she was called by the radio station and told that she had won,  she just about died. Melvis and Nancy are assuring Kathy that they are here to make sure she has a great time.
The "Route 55 Cafe" even provided a delicious cake in honor of Melvis
Melvis and Nancy on stage
Melvis has fallen to the floor and Kernal Carparker is distraught
Missi Carparker stands by while the EMS people work on Melvis
Kernal being very pensive as he waits to hear about Melvis
The Campus Officer questions Kernal and Brawny after Melvis' death
Missi explaining through tears that everybody loved Melvis and she has no idea who could be so evil
After the show, Missi, Kernal and Brawny
Missi and Kernal
Front L to R: Patty, Missi, Nancy and Jock. Back L to R: Detective, Kernal, Brawny, Ima Bea, and Nerdy. Of course, Melvis is in the morgue by this time. Also missing is Kathy who had to leave right away.
Thanks so much to Tito Torres for taking the pictures starting with Melvis and Nancy on stage all the way through to the after shots and the last one of the group. Tito and his wife Rosie were in the audience.  Thanks to Douglas A. Kerr, Photography for shots in Cafe 55 except the group shot with Elvis was shot by Samuel "Snoopy" LaPortier (Gavin Kainulainen) whose picture did not get taken, but isn't this always the way with photographers and reporters?

This production was one of those "You had to be there" to appreciate the work that went into writing and producing it as well as the costumes created by the actors themselves. This class will be presenting three more short plays this semester as their final so be sure to watch for the announcement. This is truly a talented group promising a great evening of entertainment in May.

This is all I have to say for now.

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