Tuesday, October 21, 2014

American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Finish the Fight

The day began at 9:00 a.m. in the Alamogordo High School Cafeteria with the Survivors Brunch at which Carla Kerr was the keynote speaker. The school cooks outdid themselves on the food, serving scrambled eggs, sausage patty, fruit, croissant, blueberry/granola compote and coffee. Everything was delicious. The young people in the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Group did a great job of waiting on everyone, keeping those coffee cups refilled.

Ms. Kerr related that the American Cancer Society's new mantra is "Finish the Fight" and that their scientists are working hard in their laboratories to find a cure. She talked about her journey with cancer, starting in 1961 when she was just 22 years of age when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Then in 1984 she had a tumor in her vaginal wall and in 2005, she developed tumors in her tongue. She said her mantra beginning in 1984 is "God's not done with me yet." She then reminded everyone to walk over to the football stadium to take the Survivors Walk around the track to begin doing their part to "Finish the Fight".

Several survivors were introduced at the brunch including the most recent diagnosed with breast cancer just one month ago, to a beautiful young boy, the youngest survivor, and gifts were given to each. The event was organized by the Alamogordo Cancer Resource Center (CRC), which is jointly sponsored by ACS and the Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center. The CRC mounted its own team, the Sassy Survivors, composed of CRC volunteers and their friends.

Kudos to the volunteers at Alamogordo's Cancer Resource Center on 9th and Cuba for hours of hard work to pull this together as well as the Team Captains who worked diligently to raise funds to make this a successful Relay for Life.

Members of the Cancer Resource Center checking Survivors in and handing out t-shirts
Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce Junior Ambassadors were servers for the brunch
It takes a lot of cooks to feed a crowd and they created some delicious food for the brunch
Ann Marie Gallagos did a stellar job of emceeing the program for the brunch
Local pastor' wife, Kathy Crispin giving the invocation
Carla Kerr, keynote speaker, stressing "Finish the Fight"
Group shot of one section of the crowd at the brunch
Carla Kerr telling her story about her cancer journey

Youngest survivor, Nicholas with his little sister, Christiana
Lacey Daniell, ACSCAN Grassroots Manager from Albuquerque and Louis Jeantete, Specialist, Relay for Life, also from ACS, and Vivian, owner of Hairitage Salon and founder of Cancer Resource Center here in Alamogordo.
Carrying banner for the Survivors Lap are L to R: Lacey Daniell, Newest Survivor, Mayor Susie Galea and Louis Jeantete followed by the ROTC Junior Honor Guard.
Bringing up the rear as the longest survivor (53 years) is Carla Kerr.
Mayor Galea speaking at the event
Newly diagnosed survivor with Mayor Galea
Recognition of all the Team Captains for Relay for Life
Vivian was honored for her years of volunteerism with the Cancer Resource Center. She does the "Look Good, Feel Better" make-overs for survivors and styles their hair and wigs in her Heritage Salon.
Chaparral High School Cheerleaders in their pink shirts cheering everyone on
Jerry, another dedicated survivor and volunteer giving his time at the fund-raising Baker Walking Taco Trailer.
Berene, another Cancer Resource Center dedicated volunteer cooking up those tacos.
As of this posting, haven't heard any figures as to how much was raised, but I'm sure it was substantial. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this event the success it was. Special thanks to Sue Baker and all the volunteers from the CRC  as well as the team captains and their teams.  Great job!

Thanks to Louis Jeantete and Mike Spencer for the great photography of the event.

This is all I have to say for now.


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