Tuesday, September 24, 2013

RHS New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter Shopping and Lunch

September 21, 2013

This past Saturday, several members of New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of the Red Hat Society in Alamogordo, New Mexico got together for some serious resale shop and garage sale shopping. Our first stop was the Plaza fund raiser sale for Tularosa Basin Historical Society where we each found something we couldn't live without. From there, we went to Vintage, Etc. on New York Avenue where I discovered a 50's purple prom dress that had some stains on it and I got it for $8.00. Such a deal! The other girls found various items too.

We then shopped at the Salvation Army shop and the resale shop that also is a cat rescue business on New York Avenue. These places always have interesting items and they are super reasonable. I saw an adorable kitten there in a cage, but I just played with him for a little while and moved on. He is so cute I just know someone will adopt him soon.

We were tired by this time so we drove to Memories Restaurant for lunch. This is such a lovely place with Victorian decor and the food is so delicious too. Darla is our birthday girl for the month of September so we gave her a card and played "Happy Birthday" on our kazoos after which, the entire group of customers laughed and clapped for us.

We went from there to the King's Treasures on White Sands Boulevard to shop some more. Then we drove to Twice Blest Thrift Store and bought more items. It was a fun day and we all went home happy and tired.

Margie creates her own hats and they are always interesting and fun
Darla is our birthday girl looking perky in purple
Vice Queen Penny always looking elegant
Queen Ladybird (Carla)--Thanks Penny for taking the picture
I do believe that is a Minnie Pearl tag hanging off of Darla's hat she is planning to purchase
Our VQ/Duchess of High Rolls making a point of some sort
I finally remembered my camera in my purse when we got to lunch. At least we got some pictures of our fun day shopping and visiting with each other.

This is all I have to say for now.

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