Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Red Hatters Attend Flickinger Center Guild Tea

Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. the New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter of Red Hat Society attended the Tenth Annual Turquoise and Silver Tea of the Flickinger Center Guild. All members of the chapter were present except for two and we added one new member that day, Esperanza, and had two prospective members visiting, Sylvia and Darla.

The entertainment was over the top with the theme "Centennial" exploited at every turn. New Mexico is celebrating their Statehood Centennial Celebration and Alamogordo, New Mexico is right in the thick of it. We very much enjoyed Lina Guzman and the Fiesta Dancers and fiddlers Cheryl Hughen and Alex Burke from the Classi Fiddles Music Studio as the pre-entertainment of this event.

The Faces of New Mexico were represented by Barbara McDonald, Chairwoman for our local NM Statehood Centennial Celebrations; Karen Aragon, Acoma Pueblo, representing the Native American population of NM; Ermelinda Noriega Moyers, representing the Hispanic population of NM; Ailene Jensen, representing the Caucasian population of NM; Carol Coverdale, representing the Afro-American population in NM; with each woman dressed appropriately.

Heather Kangas and Brownie Scout Troop #55 led us in the Pledge of Allegiance as well as the Pledge to the NM State flag. Donnie Burt, vocalist, rendered a superb version of the NM State song "O Fair New Mexico".

Throughout the event, ladies modeled fashions from retailers in Alamogordo and Cloudcroft and one could hear many oohs and aahs in the packed room as the styles were presented.

Another presentation was made by The Centennial Ladies led by Barbara McDonald and including Gloria Burch, Joan Griggs, Linnie Townsend, Dixie Albers, Jan Wafful, Tonya Williamson, Ila Denson, Kim Lopez Gallager and one lone gentleman, Joel Hamilton, representing the first black educator in Alamogordo. The ladies were dressed in Victorian ensembles including lovely hats as they walked around the stage with each being described as to whom they represented in Alamogordo history.

The Academy of Ballet Dancers in Alamogordo presented a beautiful ballet entitled Azure Skies.

The Men and Women of the Flickinger Guild presented Moments to Remember, eras depicted in song and costumes, and those taking part were Palla Duncan Mack, Judy Vollmoeller, Monte and LaVerle Hoover, Swan Colpitts, Pat Douville, Connie "CJ" Rogers, Janet Cooper, Dottie Rogers, Mae McDonald, Peggy Andre, Naomi Walker, Donna Clark, Janet Theriot, Joylyn Mercouris, Jane Belk and Rowena Dale Laabs.

The extremely capable host and hostess of this event were Eli Levy and Sarina Turnbull. The Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center and Mountain View Catering provided delicious refreshments and servers were members of the Alamogordo High School Jr. ROTC.

As one can deduce, this was assuredly a community effort and its success assured by the efforts of many volunteers. Last I heard approximately $4000 was raised.

Vice Queen Penny aka Duchess of High Rolls and Margie aka Countess of Karr Canyon
L to R: Marian aka Mistress Marian, Monica aka Duchess of Cottonwood, Dorothy aka Dame Dorothy and Lynne aka Lady Lynne
Some of the Fiesta Dancers
L to R: Lynne, new member Esperanza and Rosa aka Lady Rosamar
Prospective members Sylvia and Darla
Centennial Lady Barbara McDonald and Carla aka Queen Ladybird
Penny and Margie looking stunning in those gorgeous hats!
Esperanza with colors reversed because its her birthday month, Rosa and Carla
VQ Penny, Carla and Margie
Alas, the photos of most of the entertainment did not turn out properly. I'm still getting used to my new camera. However, suffice to say, a great time was had by all and we can't wait to go again next year.

This is all I have to say for now.

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