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2012 International Red Hat Convention, Las Vegas, NV

The International Red Hat Convention took place June 28-July1, 2012 in the Hotel Paris Las Vegas, Nevada with over 1500 attendees enjoying the festivities. The theme was "The Golden Age of Glamor"  and the convention certainly lived up to this theme in a big way. Doug and I drove from Alamogordo, New Mexico and had many adventures along the way. The convention was the middle of our trip and I'm writing about it first because many are anxious to see the photos. Doug said, "Packing for this Red Hat Convention is like preparing for a road show of Hello Dolly."

Hotel Paris Las Vegas swimming area just below our window

Eiffel Tower Number 2
Carla, ready to see Jubilee! at Bally Hotel

Jubilee! is one of the very few shows left on the strip with honest to God beautiful dancers and costumes. Costumes are created  collaboratively by Donn Arden, Pete Menefee and Bob Mackie. This show has won top awards for 30 years. They do a Samson and Delilah skit and a sinking of the Titanic skit with fabulous effects that keeps one absolutely spellbound. This is glamor and glitz at its finest! If you are ever in Vegas, don't miss this one at the Bally Hotel right next to the Hotel Paris Las Vegas.

Friday A.M. costume change to join Miss Kitty's Social Club

Miss Kitty asked everyone to dress as saloon girls or Victorian and to meet at her booth in the Hat District to parade around the aisles letting people know about us as well as her Red Hat magazine, Miss Kitty's Journal. The social club is a world wide Red Hat Chapter that is fun to belong to, especially if you love the dance hall and Victorian eras. To learn more about this, just email Pam Krantz, Operating Manager at:
Melanie with Miss Kitty
Melanie with Rhett and Scarlett
We had a Hollywood themed costume
contest and I entered as Melanie from
Gone With the Wind.
Carla as Melanie (Olivia de Haviland) 

On the way to the costume contest Carla (Melanie) greets Debra "Ladybug" 

Melanie with one of the cute pink hatter volunteers

This contestant made her dress and her bra hat. Fantastic!
Are these two glitzed and glamed to the nines or what?
This is "Carmen Miranda" and was she ever cute!
Donna Hope and Miss Kitty having a grand time.

Wanda Cook aka Cleopatra with Melanie. She made her costume and won first place.
Three of us have sashayed around the stage for the judging at this point.
We are all awaiting the judges' decision.
Winner Wanda Cook aka Cleopatra wearing the lovely hat awarded to her.
Another shot of the entrants with winner Wanda in the middle.
Left: Shanda Taylor-Boyd with her co-workers; they donated the prize hat
Pat Robinson, Carla (Melanie) and Toni Posey
The ladies above (Pat and Toni) are from the chapter I belonged to in Weatherford, Texas, Wild West Women of  Weatherford. We moved to Alamogordo, New Mexico March 15 of this year and it was so good to make a connection with them again. This is the great thing about conventions, you see so many friends you haven't seen in a while besides making lots of new friends in the process.

It is now Saturday morning and we are all headed to the FUN pajama breakfast. Red Hatters really get creative when it comes to our pajama breakfast attire as witnessed  below:

Stunning Pink Hatter from Perth, Western Australia
I tend to be a bit more conservative at the Pajama Breakfast
Didn't catch her name, but I did rearrange her derriere before she floated away.
Aurgh! A motley crew of pajama pirates!
Pat and Toni from Weatherford and Carla. Where's the food?
Hope she left some for us!
What are the odds that you'd find four of a kind in Vegas?
The breakfast was great and the speaker was Candy Spelling talking about her life in Los Angeles with her husband, Aaron, and about losing him and how she managed to get through it. She was very touching as she spoke about her trials and tribulations. She is a gutsy gal and is moving onward and upward with her life.

Next on the agenda was the coronation of the chapter Queens and since I've formed a new chapter in New Mexico, I am now known as Queen Ladybird of New Mexico Roadrunner Chapter as Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper dubbed me with her scepter. It was another fun event and well attended.

Doug took this shot in the room before the coronation ceremony.
Of course I had to be photographed on the throne!
An elegant Queen from Houston, Texas
CEO Debra "Ladybug" and  Vice Queen Linda Murphy
Debra "Ladybug", Queen Mother  Sue Ellen and Vice Queen Linda administering the oath.
Seriously repeating the oath!
One of many coronations this day and so much FUN!
"The Queen Mother is not pleased that thy scepter is larger than hers."
VQ Linda Murphy, Carla Kerr, Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper and CEO Debra Granich "Ladybug"
 The last costume change is coming up with the gala dinner and ballroom music and, yes, we danced the night away. Red Hatters know how to have FUN and thoroughly enjoy each others company. Convention is in Atlanta, Georgia next year April 25-28, 2013. Y'all come now, you hear!

My glamor shot in the room and I forgot my camera so no  photos of the ball.
After the lovely dinner, dancing and visiting, I went to the penthouse for The Southern Belles open house. They completely decorate their suite at every convention in the colors "Pink and Red" and it is indeed a sight to behold. I simply had to take some pictures after I retrieved my camera from my room.
Our hostess, Patty aka Queen Fabu
Co-hostess Suzanne aka Princess Fancy Pants
Can you believe what they've done to a hotel bathroom!!
Note the rose petals in the bidet!
There is just so much, words escape me!
Isn't this a joyful looking creature???
And one final photo from the Pajama Breakfast that I think is just too funny. A Red Hatter (not in the photo) walked up to the lady in the center of the picture and asked, "Why do you have that big belly hanging down in front of you?" To which she replied, "Because I'm fat!"

Too funny!
Well, folks, this was just the middle of our road trip and we did and saw many things so when I get over posting this one, you'll be hearing from me again.

This is all I have to say for now.

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