Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red Hat Talent Show & Elvis, The Kitchen Witches at TOTS

Barbara and Rita

Toni, Queen of Gaudy Gabigail and Kay

Jasmine (Shirley's granddaughter, Shirley and Joyce

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I drove to Garland, Texas accompanied by Rita, Queen of The Purple Angels RH Chapter, and Barbara, member of Wild West Women of Weatherford RH Chapter. We arrived in time to enjoy lunch at Dos Banderas where five more Wild West Women members joined us for lunch before going on to the Plaza Theater for the show sponsored by The Great Gals of Garland RH Chapter.

Here I am backstage having just attached my
eagle feather to my shawl

I entered the talent show doing my version of the Kiowa Beautiful Shawl Dance so I went directly back stage for instructions and a short rehearsal. I dedicated my dance to the memory of our friend, Gordon Tonips.

Before dancing, I gave some history
of the dance and decorating
my shawl

I have turned so they can see
the great seal of the Cherokee
Nation and my eagle feather

This is the first movement of the dance

There were several singers and dancers as well as a comedy skit among the contestants. This is an interesting talent show in that there are no losers, only winners, all. Of course, I always say there's a reason for everything and to my surprise, I was recruited for the Mrs. Senior Texas Pageant that occurs the end of August, 2012. I have not yet been contacted by the directors of the pageant, but will keep you posted.

Johnny Rockit and his daughter, Ashley

This is one of the ladies dancing on stage
with Johnny Rockit

Once the talent show was over, a well known Elvis Impersonator, Johnny Rockit, along with his daughter Ashley as his back-up, entertained the group with all the old Elvis favorites from the 50's and 60's. Several ladies joined him on stage to dance to the songs.

We all had fun. The only downside was that we had to fight Dallas getting-off-work traffic all the way back to Weatherford. The upside is that this just makes me appreciate Weatherford even more. Just as an aside; Did you know that Weatherford, Texas was chosen as the fifth top small city to retire in? This according to the latest issue of Money Magazine.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Doug and I went to Theater On The Square to see "The Kitchen Witches", a play by Caroline Smith, and we were thoroughly entertained.

Dolly and Isobel, the stars of two rival, equally-unsuccessful local cable TV cooking shows, personal enemies for years, are thrown together when the station manager's wife decides that a show with both of them, playing off their mutual animosity, would get better ratings. The animosity is quite real, and the two women, as "The Kitchen Witches", earnestly play many dirty tricks on one another.

A shocking revelation exposes the root of the animosity, and tensions and recriminations boil over among all the parties.

But eventually, with patience and the help of a little comfort food, relationships are healed. And, "The Kitchen Witches" is a big hit. (Synopsis by Doug Kerr)

These last two shots were taken as the actors greeted the exiting attendees.
(Photographs by Douglas A. Kerr)

This is all I have to say for now.

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  1. Great entertainment provided by old ages peoples :).Surely had fun who was there :)

    britains got talent